Troubled Cobble Hill Property Getting Some TLC?

The townhouse at 364 Henry Street and the carriage house the gutted building shares a lot with have long been in a state of disrepair, but we recently spotted contractors renovating the historic properties. Cement tycoon and owner John Quadrozzi agreed to repair the Cobble Hill building after the city put pressure on him last year, but the renovations have been slow to come; a few months ago the DOB scheduled a hearing with Quadrozzi over a “failure to maintain” the historic structure. At present, the building has $10,000 in outstanding DOB fines. The most recent work permit came through in April, with an approval to remove and reconstruct the rear wall.
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  • This is awful. Typical of the psychotic approach to real estate by some owners, who just let structures sit. Mr. Quadrozzi has donated big money in area (doing sand for Bastille day for ten years), lives around here, why does he do this? Some real estate questions are 90% mental…..

  • What do you expect, he runs a mob tied concrete business, you think he really gives a $hit about some stupid fines or outraged homeowners.

  • Does LICH still own the adjacent houses? They have been eyesores for years. Only a hospital would be oblivious to the potential value of these properties.

  • LICH no longer owns the other houses on the block. Those were sold off years ago. The house 2 doors down that also looks like a complete wreck is also Mr. Q’s…..go figure. There’s nothing left to save on this once-glorious house. Note the cinderblocks…..what an unbelievable shame.