Will Walmart End Up on the Waterfront?

Both the Brooklyn Paper and the Post have stories about how Walmart might be interested in leasing a big property on Gravesend Bay. The broker marketing the site, which is on Shore Parkway off of 24th Avenue, says Walmart has expressed interest in it. The parcels in question are adjacent to a property where developer Joe Sitt wants to build a big retail complex that includes a BJ’s and in an area where there are already large chain stores like a Kohl’s and Best Buy. The Post quotes Councilmember Domenic Recchia Jr. as saying that a Walmart wouldn’t work on the site because it’s not big enough and it would overwhelm the area with traffic. Until now, the buzz about Walmart making an entry into Brooklyn has centered on the company opening a location at the Gateway shopping center in East New York.
Walmart Eyes Gravesend Bay Waterfront [Brooklyn Paper]
Walmart Eyes Bensonhurst [NY Post] GMAP

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  • I doubt that Walmart will build on this site. This site has poor access for autos. Unless they build more overpasses over the Belt Parkway, I don’t see it happening here.

  • Works for me, I can walk to it.

  • It looks to be adjacent to the Belt Parkway, how much more auto accessible could it be?

    • Minard;

      My point is that there are only two connection points between that stretch of Shore Parkway and the adjacent street grid. One connection point is at Bay Parkway, and this is the only point at which you can get onto Shore Parkway. The other is at 26th Ave, where you can exit Bay Parkway.

      The interesection of Bay Parkway and Shore Parkway is already a traffic nightmare. There are cars entering and exiting the Belt Parkway at that intersection, and you have cars going to the existing shopping center (Caesar’s Bay).

  • NOOOOOOOOO! The Belt Parkway is already congested. The past couple of years, seems no matter what time you’re on the Belt there’s always traffic.

    I don’t mind Walmart coming here or anywhere else in Brooklyn, BUT the parkway needs to be expanded to accommodate the additional traffic.

  • benson, I’m sure the walmart people will insist on improvements to the parkway and access to and from as part of any deal to open there.

  • In my opinion, I think they should build the Walmart on the parcel of land between the Home Depot and the Brooklyn Army Terminal, nearby the Gowanus Canal and the Bklyn Battery Tunnel. The Belt Parkway has enough traffic between the I-278 junction and the Gateway Mall.