Open and Shut

Two Door Tavern (pictured) opened last week, according to Eater. According to them, “The menu offers pretty classic tavern staples like buffalo tenders, spinach and artichoke dip, soft pretzels, fish and chips, braised short ribs, and penne a la vodka.” Elsewhere in the nabe, “Fushimi, the Asian Fusion restaurant with branches in Staten Island and Bay Ridge, is getting ready to sling sashimi in a new, 7,200-square-foot space on Driggs Avenue in Williamsburg,” reports Brooklyn Paper. Gothamist profiles Williamsburg’s burger joint The Burger Guru which is serving up antelope burgers, ostrich burgers, bison burgers, elk burgers and lamb burgers. The chef plans to cook with alligator in the near future too.

Park Slope
Here’s what Here’s Park Slope has spotted over the past week: Kulushkat Gourmet Falafel is open at 446 Dean Street, Mango Thai reopened after a DOH shutdown, a vintage store called Pony is now open on 5th Avenue, and Faros, the long-in-the-making Greek spot on 7th Avenue, is having a soft opening. Last but not least, there’s exciting news about how Dale Talde, of Top Chef fame, will be the chef at a modern Asian restaurant to fill the old cleaners on 7th Avenue and 11th Street. It should be open around September.

Fort Greene
Fort Greene Patch reports that a new bar is opening at the old Moe’s spot, and it’ll be called…Mo’s. The bar will open on June 22, on what would be the 10th anniversary of the original Moe’s. The owner of Moe’s called the move “incredibly rude.”
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Grub Street reported that Bark Hot Dogs opened at Pier 6 last Saturday, serving up Six Point with its various hot dogs. The space will hold 160 seats and be open until midnight Friday through Sunday. Grub Street also reports on an artisanal taffy maker now selling their goods around the borough. There will be no crepe shack coming to the corner of Court and Carroll in Carroll Gardens, writes PMFA. A halal truck pops up outside the Q train in PLG, notices blog The Q at Parkside. Brooklyn Paper also reports on a new frozen yogurt spot, new cupcake shop, and a smoothy and juice bar in Bay Ridge. And in Sheepshead Bay, Chipp Neapolitan Pizza is now up for sale.

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  • I ate at Two Door Tavern during its opening week and am not surprised that NY Eater described it as “a classier 99.” The menu is pretty uninspiring, even for comfort food, though the prices are low for the reasonable portion size. The Maine lobster mac & cheese was quite good–so good, in fact, that I almost started to enjoy the heavy-handed “blue collar salvage” decor.

  • Bark opened last weekend, you’re a week late with your dates, the article is from 6/16. I had one on Sunday, very dry veggie dog.

  • Moes left the space because it wasnt making as much money as their other places, they have no right to make a comment..

    Whatever, Moe’s left, who cares what they call it.

    • what other places do the Moe’s owners have?

      • I smell a troll. I have no idea where whitestoner’s information comes from. It is completely inconsistent with the media articles on the closing of Moe’s and my conversations with employees there. The owners and staff of Moe’s tried very hard to stay there, but in the end weren’t offered an acceptable lease by the building owner. Given how packed it was it seems hard to believe it wasn’t making a lot of money.

        • Yes, he is a troll, because it’s been well documented that the original Moe’s owner’s were forced out because the landlord claimed they owed him on unpaid utility bills. It’s easy to find. The proprietor’s didn’t want to close, it was the unsavory landlord that made it happen.

          There’s actually a movement to get people to NOT go to the Faux-Mos, and instead hang out at the Meat shop across the street. Whitestoner is probably making a play here to improve the new owner’s public [neighborhood] perception, which is pretty low at the moment.

          • The owner has Pequena and Olea, just check the website.. Anyone with a different opinion is a troll?

            I remembered hearing this heart felt story about the evil landlord and this little struggling bar.. I am just saying, i don’t believe it to be the case. And they claimed the rent was just too damn high was the reason for them leaving.

  • Not sure why the new owner of Mo’s would choose the same name after hearing complaints from both old management and patrons. Perhaps he thinks the new arena will wash away any public stink. Like a douche.

  • FYI, you attributed the Mo’s piece incorrectly. It was done by The Local, not Patch (you do have the right link though…)