ESDC Takes Two AY-Area Property Owners to Court

The Daily News reports on how the state has brought two property owners to court because they don’t want to let Atlantic Yards contractors touch their buildings, which the ESDC says they need access to in order “to shore and install tie-backs.” The buildings in question are 700 Atlantic Avenue, which the business Global Exhibition Services operates out of (shown above), and 718 Atlantic Avenue, which is a StorageMart. Forest City Ratner says it needs to do the work on the buildings in order to finish the Carlton Avenue Bridge, which must be complete before the arena opens. State officials say they’ll be able to do the work by partially condemning the properties if they have to, but a lawyer for Global Exhibition Services says there’s “no basis” for such a move under eminent domain laws. Atlantic Yards Report, which reported on the dispute last week, said that a judge has adjourned the matter until the end of the month. The buildings could eventually be seized by eminent domain either way in order to make way for future phases of Atlantic Yards.
Businesses Opposed to Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards Project Dragged to Court [NY Daily News]
ESDC Seeks Access to Properties Not Yet Taken for Railyard Work [AY Report]
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  • The ongoing theft of private property by an unscrupulous developer financed with OUR tax dollars and supported by corrupt politicians

  • Yes these property owners should delay as much as possible because the community is served by keeping the Carlton Ave Bridge closed and keeping construction ongoing for as long as possible.
    Actually what this obviously is, is a shakedown. I know I am dreaming when I say that I hope the courts act quickly and give these property owners the minimum allowable under law.

  • The ESDC and Ratner are evil motherf-ckers and deserve nothing but the worst.

  • It’s no easy feat to install tiebacks under a building. When I lived o Schermerhorn St. and Bklyn Law was putting up their dorm behind us on state St., they wanted to install tiebacks under the buildings on Schermerhorn St. Not that they told us beforehand this was what they wanted to do. We found out only after we saw the blueprints. In the meantime, they went ahead and began work under another building on the State St. side and collapsed it. It was a disaster. We went to court and they had to revise their plans. Don’t blame the property owners. Maybe Ratner and Co. shold have planned AY better, without the need to grab property from other people, or encroach on their property.

  • Everybody wants what Goldstein got!

  • The work these tie-backs are need for would almost certainly have been required for any development over the rail yards.
    They are not unique to FCR’s plan.

  • this is all bullshit with this AY crap. It should have never been allowed to be built.

  • People must love rail yards and bus parking lots in the middle of their neighborhood.

  • What are your talking about babs? I’m black and I don’t see this as racially based thing at all. I think Ratner (like many developers working in NYC) progressively lobbied communities he thought would be sympathetic to his plan. Was it altruistic? Hell no! He wanted to build and make money. But I don’t think there was any nefarious racial element involved, because a lot of black folks I know either are indifferent about the arena and the project, or are positive about it. Some are against it to be sure, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. I live within two miles of the site, lived for a long time on Dean Street right behind the site, lived in Brooklyn all my life, and I think it’s great! I’m sick of looking at that godammned hole and I don’t give a crap if Ratner gets rich or not. I know other people who feel similarly. But to call this situation racially based is just misguided.

    • Total agreement w you ENY re it not being a racial thing, but FCR very definitely portrayed as one. And I was replying to Omar Little calling stargazer a “white nimby Hater” for opposing it.

    • Total agreement w you ENY about this not being a racial thing but it was certainly and very intentionally portrayed as such by FCR. My comment was in reply to Omar Little’s calling stargazer a “white nimby Hater.”

  • What are your talking about babs?


  • Holy Cow – are you people going to go back and re-argue the whole AY debate again?????? Its done – the steel is up, and one way or another this thing is going to open. Dont you get bored rehashing the same tired arguments.
    And that is why these 2 business are being completely greedy. Do these owners think that after hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent, endless hearings, court proceedings and other due process – that somehow, Ratner is going to just walk away in frustration now??? No of course they dont think that, they just figure if they can make life hard for Ratner they can extort more $ out of him (or I guess us, if you follow the anti AY propaganda) . Except really at the end of the day, the only people who suffer is the public…since it is the public that suffers from the construction, delays and closing of Carlton St Bridge. But hey, if a f’ing storage building is against Ratner than I guess we should be on the side of an unsightly junk hut – cause hey – they are against Ratner.

  • “white nimby Hater.”


    Yeah, that’s out of bounds, provocative and ridiculous besides. There are definitely black people who are against the project.

  • they just figure if they can make life hard for Ratner they can extort more $ out of him (or I guess us, if you follow the anti AY propaganda) . Except really at the end of the day, the only people who suffer is the public…since it is the public that suffers from the construction, delays and closing of Carlton St Bridge.

  • Well, the article doesn’t say they are holding out for money so that’s an assumption on anyone’s part. On the other hand, installing tiebacks under existing properties is a risky business- don’t tell me it isn’t. I lived through it. These are businesses-both are in a no-win situation with AY and basically any decision they make will most likely cost them their businesses. So why dump on them? How about ratner offer to pay for any damages to their property and offer them money for the access. They owe him nothing, and they could very well lose their property through eminent domain, now or down the road. So why should he expect their co-operation? If anyone doesn’t care about the community and the Carleton Bridge, it’s Ratner.

  • The text of the NYDN article does not support the title. It provides no evidence that the business owners are opposed to Bruce Ratner or AY. It provides quotes from the business owners saying they are concerned about damage to their property. That’s it. The Storage Mart website even promotes the coming Barclays Arena as a community attraction.

  • I was against it all until I heard FCR is threatening to use prefab construction for the remainder of the project. Here, in Brooklyn. Now that would be progress!

  • Why should you assume stargazer is white? How about we NOT make this a racial thing?

  • Maybe a school to teach people the difference between its (the possessive) and it’s (contraction of it is).

  • :) (although i confess to being guilty of same on occasion).

  • It’s a racial thing because that’s how FCR has played it from the beginning. While DDDB was struggling to raise money to print brochures disclosing Ratner’s nefarious schemes, he was having Nets players deliver turkeys at Thanksgiving and Christmas in Bed-Stuy, promising jobs to un- and under-employed men there and elsewhere, and buying sneakers and basketball uniforms for the kids – all the while telling them that a bunch of rich NIMBY white folks wanted to keep them out. Oh, and don’t forget that made-up BUILD organization or playing kissy-face with Bertha Lewis. People who think it’s a racial thing have fallen for his BS.

  • Oh please- you really think he’s doing it for “your Brethren?” He’s doing it for the money and he couldn’t get that without paying off community organizations.

  • While making darn sure they stay there and can never afford to see a game at his blasted arena (now with champagne bar!) or get a a truly affordable apartment anywhere near it. I’d prefer an actual opportunity to a Thanksgiving turkey but you can be sure there won’t be any coming from FCR.

  • I agree with that, babs. That’s exactly what Ratner did- but i was replying to Omar’s assumption that only white people would be against AY. A number of community organizations signed on to fight Ratner in a class action suit. From Crown Heights as well, and the majority of people in that organization are Black.

  • Actually that’s something you should have known in elementary school. Not a HS teacher’s job to teach basic English grammar.

  • Me, too, bxgrl – unf the replies don’t stay connected in my view of the comments on iPad (maybe they do elsewhere?), just saying that anyone who thinks this is about race has been duped by FCR :)