Checking in on Dumbo’s Kirkman Lofts

It seems like the 45-unit condo building at 37 Bridge Street, Kirkman Lofts, is faring well on the market, as price bumps ranging from $45,000 to $115,000 were just put into place on several of the development’s listings. Meanwhile, a rep for the development says there are currently nine contracts signed and several more out. The building launched in April, and prices for the studio, one, two and three bedrooms that are currently listed run from $555,000 to $1,080,000. Has anybody checked the building out?
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  • not the most appealing looking old factories.

  • I went twice and did not enjoy my experience. I found my interactions with the realtors to be pretty obnoxious- you make an appt, they won’t let you see anything if you’re not preapproved and with your realtor (if you’re working with one, and even at their ‘open house’ times) and then you show up and wait on them and end up seeing apts with other appointments at the same time. On top of that, they tell you the whole time ‘how busy they are’ and that they have a # of contracts out, so you should hurry if you want to put in an offer. They have pulled three apartments i saw on and off the market and now priced them higher than initally. I’m not into the whole vibe from that perspective, thought it was low-class real estate dealings.
    The apartments themselves were full of character but a few things to think about: the views you have now of water (and the giant electrical grid) are not protected- so think about that if you’re putting in a bid and think of 70 Washington and all those people who are losing their view and $$ now. The kitchens are TERRIBLE- odd wood counters you can’t cut on, in bright orange, and little cabinet space. Bathrooms are the same odd and cheap counters. There are beams throughout the apartments that you have to work around, furniture-wise. Lastly, you are close to the projects there- if that bothers you.
    I did really like the ‘silo’ theme and don’t mind being in the outskirts of town, personally.
    I think i would be a lot more forgiving if the realtors hadn’t been so sleazy.

  • Realtors shovelled brochures at me and the rest of our small, hardhatted herd and had few answers to our many questions. The realtors were uninformed, said the prices are too low, and couldn’t be bothered to take our contact info when the penthouses are ready to show (not now). The townhouses are neither townhouses nor apartments nor lofts—a little of each the sum total a bad agglomerate. The repurposed silos are not functional—cut and installed as walls in the halls and inside one unit to “frame” a dining room. Weird. Construction looks inexpensive. I do like the look of the building from the street, and the neighborhood.

  • it sounds like some low-lifey mob operation. I would avoid it.

  • Well, that sounds too terrible to be true. Brokers want to sell, so why would they be putting people off? I am a realtor myself with Halstead Brooklyn, but not at this loft development. I am truly sorry you had a bad experience, but cant imagine it, as when i went there with my customers all was pleasant, albeit a bit hectic..Pls give it another try. Happy to show you anytime, Sarah Parsons

  • this place is a DUMP they have some nerve even marketing this type of crap. Aweful finishes the views are garbage but if you dont mind the views of the power plant maybe the following health ricks can help

    a. There is extremely strong evidence finding a relationship between ELF magnetic fields greater than 2 mG and childhood leukemia. This relationship has been a matter of scientific inquiry since 1979. Sixteen out of nineteen studies conducted since 1995 are now viewed as identifying a statistically significant relationship between magnetic fields greater than 2 to 4 mG and a two to four-fold increase in a child’s risk of contracting that disease.

    b. There is very strong evidence finding a relationship between maximum ELF magnetic field exposure greater than 16 mG and a 6-fold increase in miscarriages.

    c. There is strong evidence linking ELF magnetic fields and Alzheimer’s and Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS).

    d. There is substantial evidence linking ELF magnetic fields greater than 12 mG and breast cancer and strong evidence linking magnetic fields and the suppression of the therapeutic effects of the anti-cancer drug, tamoxifin.

    Besides the fact that this location has the potential to be a health risk the realtor was so effin rude. Like she couldnt even be bothered with questions because this locations was so awesome you should just buy it. I ask why did you leave the old wall on the east of the building to make a court yard she told me ” oh they wanted to keep the character of the old building. In fact the real reason they did this is because this is a lot line and if they built the units along that lot line the could not have windows or worse you would buy a unit with windows and then lose them. So instead they choose to let you have the wonderful view of a brick wall about 12′ away. People who buy here are the reason for bad developments in NYC because developers build garbage and someone will buy it. She keep telling us how only full price offers are being accepted and oh yeah the developer will not give any concessions in terms of closing costs etc. She was also quick to tell us that by the way even if your pre-approved it doesnt matter you need special approval from their lender to be sure you qualify. As if this place was worth a damn. Call it Dumbo call if you like but there is no way in hell i would spend 750k to live two blocks from projects.

    • I’ve been by the building and thought it was awesome. I have been looking for a condo for a long time and I almost made a move on this one but unfortunately, it’s not in my price range. But with regards to the staff, I think they were pretty standard, like most of the buildings I’ve been to. And if they aren’t accepting offers below asking price and buyers have to cover closing costs, than that’s the way it is. Why should they sell below asking price if they don’t have to? Sounds like you have a huge chip on your shoulder. And what’s your problem with the projects? They’re all over NYC. Are you that much of a snob you can’t live around people who make less than you?

      • for anyone to say this was “Awesome” they are either dumb, or retarded, or blind. But my guess is you probably a dumb blind retard. This aweful project should be paying people to come view it. The block is a hell hole the view is of power lines and tranfomers or if your lucky to get the other side of the building where you can view a big blank brick wall 15′ from your face. I have the money to buy in this place but would rather move to Staten Island and change my name to Joey or Big Pete or whatever those meatheads call themselves. So sorry I would prefer not to spend my money to live next to a high crime area where the average resident calls food stamps and welfare “their job”.

      • also if you let me know what days you work in Kirkman lofts maybe you can show me around again. Hack

  • My experience viewing the building was quite different from others posted here. Ask to speak to Stefani, she’s the broker I met with and she was very personable and professional. I got a private tour of several units on two different visits and didn’t feel rushed at all. I really liked some of the units and am still considering the building.