No Dancing at New Atlantic Yards Watering Hole

Last night Community Board 6’s Public Safety Committee approved the liquor license request for the proposed falafel/pizza/gastropub at 604 Pacific Street, a business that residents expressed many concerns about at a board meeting last month. The business intends to lease part of the storefront occupied by the mattress warehouse across from Atlantic Yards. Its owners have met with residents and the Flatbush Avenue BID and agreed to stipulations about their operations. They’re as follows: no dancing; no outside promoters; private trash pickup with all refuse remaining inside until pickup day; a 24-hour business number to contact; soundproofing; signage asking patrons not to congregate on the street; security guards and extra security during events; and no outdoor space. The one request that hasn’t been agreed upon are its Thursday night hours: Community members have asked that the bar close at 2 a.m., but the owners are insisting on a 4 a.m. closing time. Ultimately the Public Safety Committee passed the bar/wine license for the pizza and falafel joint and the full liquor license for the gastropub. They also asked that the establishment close at 2 a.m. on Thursdays. It will move on to the full board for a vote next month.

A community board attendee also complained about noise coming from next door, at 602 Pacific Street, where Machavelle Sports Bar & Lounge opened over the weekend, according to Patch. Their liquor license was approved by the SLA and they managed to sidestep community board proceedings before opening. CB6’s public safety chair said he would contact other board members about the matter and get in touch with the bar owner, who apparently lives in the building upstairs.
Community Airs Qualms About Bar Near Barclays [Brownstoner] GMAP

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  • quote:
    no dancing; no outside promoters; private trash pickup with all refuse remaining inside until pickup day; a 24-hour business number to contact; soundproofing; signage asking patrons not to congregate on the street; security guards and extra security during events; and no outdoor space.

    zzzzzzzzzzzz. bring a book


  • some of those stipulations are ridiculous and would never be put in place on a moonface locavore place that served swiss chard grown in organic beard hair.

  • Those stipulations are quite severe it seems to me – this block is a total dead zone. Every bar on 5th Avenue could arrouse as much ire as this one, but those places are not subject to these policies. Perhaps people feel they should be, but whispers of noise complaints are not something I often hear.

  • “Those stipulations are quite severe it seems to me – this block is a total dead zone.”

    First off I don’t see how a block being a “dead zone” means the community board should turn a blind eye to it.

    Second, these restrictions looks pretty normal to me, especially in NY 2011. I’d guess that 95% of the bars on 5th avenue do not have dancing, nor outside promoters. In fact, you would need a cabaret license for that anyhow. And over the last few years noise has been huge issue for bars both here in Brooklyn and in Manhattan as well. What about all the noise problems with Union Hall? They have been asked to do exactly the same thing.

    The inference that this is racially motivated is a red herring.

  • In inevitable transformation of this corner of Park Slope into Landsdown Street or Wrigleyville is on its way.

  • I think the part about banning outside promoters cuts down on the diversity factor, but the other things don’t sound too bad and seem in line with the rules at a lot of other places.

  • Spnder – huh? Where did I say anything about racially motivated? I’ve always wanted to say this to someone and now I can – go STFU.

    Across the street is the triangle point tip of the PC Richards lot. There is probably just as much nosie form Flatbush Ave as noise from this place. I live almost on top of Flatbush Ave, so I know that. The noise is not irritating either.

    My point was to wonder if there is a lot of noise resentment for all the places on 5th Ave, if this is being done here, and it seems less populated.

  • isn’t dancing technically illegal in all bars without a cabaret license?

  • it is…. and is being more and more enforced

    get ready, this area will be party central, bridge and tunnel big time once arena opens

  • I’m a firm believer that if an area is zoned business/commercial then you move there AT YOUR OWN RISK.

  • As pointed out, most of the restrictions mentioned are already laws in this city. And just about all bars everywhere have signage reminding patrons to be respectful of residents, which is routinely ignored, unfortunately (and actually a ban on cigarette smoking outdoors would really take care of this problem, as most of the noise comes from drunken smokers congregating outside of bars). There is indeed a lot of resentment for certain Fifth Avenue establishments, as well as the Union Hall and others in Park Slope and beyond.

  • My cynical side appreciates the fact that Park Slope quality of life advocates, many of whom just yawned and ignored the fight over the stadium, are now up in arms over the inevitable follow-ons from the stadium getting built.

  • Look, these folks have every right to choose what to get upset over and to challenge it however they want within legal bounds. Realistically, though, not only are these bars going to open, but they hardly seem worth the time. The Nets will play 41 games at home a year. Few of those will be on weekends, meaning few people will hang around at bars afterward. We’re really talking about a significant crowd that might gather at these bars roughly 12 times a year. I’ve had neighbors who throw parties more often that that.

  • People in that area have lived through prostitution and drugs and have survived. they have lived through vacant stores and survived. Now business is booming and they start complaining. What the hell do these folks want? The arena is here and games are not the only entertainment coming to this venue. it will be a conferecne center, concerts, family entertainment (Disney on Ice, Ice Capades). there will be more restaurants and bars and stores of all kinds coming soon to Flatbush Avenue. So get used to it, its a commercial strip and its called revitalization!!!! Get used to hit! stop complaining. What the neighbors should be upset about is this 602 Pacific Street. They seem like thugs in a cocktail dress. No one wants to come forward as the owner, they have dark windows and may be operating without a liquor license. Pretty sneaky if you ask me. Why arent folks out there protesting this joint?

  • The folks protesting the intrusion of bars on their block are the residents who fought away every kind of social ill imaginable for a residential block. THey don’t live on a commercial strip, the commercial strip is coming to them. And they ARE fighting 602 as well… but these bars are just the tip of the iceberg. Once the “Urina” opens across the street, and that 20,000 seat bar lets loose with its drunken fans… well, good save us all!

  • I agreed with most of your post brooklynthoughts, until that last part.

    Is it illegal to have dark windows at a bar? Is the owner of a drinking estalishment required to inform folks when he/she obtains a liquor license? What on earth is a “thug in a cocktail dress?”

    This place sounds like a lot of other clubs in NYC to me. No worse, no better.

    “Why arent folks out there protesting this joint?”

    No one’s stopping you.

  • “Is it illegal to have dark windows at a bar? ”


  • c’mon Garden boy, dont tell me you dont go into a club or bar and chuck down a few cocktails, swag home and pee in the street! Maybe you should get in touch with your “friend”, HW and find out why he is profitting from the AY? Just as I predicted, all those opposed the AY, are now proffiting from the same venue they didnt want in the neighborhood. Dont forget, the arena will have their own bar and restaurant inside, many fans will be drinking and eating at the arena and then taking the train home to LI. The LIRR is right there. I bet if a gay bar opened in the neighborhood, no one would protest that. And we all know what kind of shananigans go on Sunday nights at a rowdy gay bar, right Mr. gardenboy?

  • “huh? Where did I say anything about racially motivated?”

    Sorry, I was responding to dirtyhippy’s “moonface locavore” comment and many others who are claiming that the “urban” crowd is being treated differently than gentrifiers. (See the Prime6 debate). Should have made that clearer.