Former Heights Precinct House Sells for $7.5M

The old police precinct house at 72 Poplar Street in Brooklyn Heights just sold for $7.5 million. It first hit the market last March, asking $12 million. Before that happened, the building sold for $9.6 million in 2004 at a city auction to a firm called Regal Investments. The developers planned to turn it into condos with a two-story addition, but the LPC didn’t approve their designs, and Regal put the property up for sale. The buyers this time around are the Daten Group. A rep for the new owners says they’re also planning a residential conversion but didn’t offer further details.
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  • this is good news.

  • Great building. Hope they do it proud.

  • i hear condos

  • MM, why is this – all due respect – a great building? seems pretty ordinary….

  • I hope large, family-sized condos. That’s what would fit well here and make the developer a tidy profit. The building even has a garage.
    It will look great all spruced up!!

  • BK, I like the clean Renaissance Northern Italian lines, and the light grey bricks. Love the deep cornice. It looks solid. I may be projecting, but the building exudes authority, which is kind of comforting in an abstract way.

    I also like how it contrasts with the other buildings on the block. You’ve got large Victorian Gothic institutions, wood frame houses, brownstones, restored rowhouse condos, and factories, and then you have this. I like the contrasting materials, and the progression of time on the block, it’s a natural evolution. This building, as the police precinct, has a history, and it’s own story to tell.

    Maybe one would never pick this as building of the year, or anything, but I think it’s a fine building for apartment conversion. I hope they don’t just build the usual modern condos inside, but use some imagination there.

  • BK, that cornice alone makes this an extraordinary building. It is all beat up now but once it is cleaned up it will look like a great renaissance palazzo.

  • i see what you mean, and once cleaned up could look great

  • As much as I agree that family friendly condos would sell, there’s something kinda gloomy about coming of age in a former police precinct. I love the building for an upscale, design hostel, but don’t think the location/zoning is suitable.

    Either way, at $7.5 Million, the developer should be able to make this work.

  • Once renovated, this will have a lot more curb appeal than the Love Lane Mews garages, I think. They did a good job over there but there’s a limit to how nice a utilitarian garage can look. This has nicer design built-in.

    The construction is never-ending on this short block, with the PS8 addition just wrapping up at one end, 20 Henry at the other end just re-starting and now this project on the horizon, but when all is said and done, it will be a vastly improved block, and so close to BBP and Dumbo.

  • all the construction is a sign of reinvestment and renewal. Brooklyn Heights is not remotely a moribund neighborhood as some of the jesters on this blog claim.

  • could be very cool lofts, but wouldn’t they have to build up to make any money off this?

  • this bldg is pretty deep, no? won’t it be pretty hard to carve out a bunch of apartments where the rooms get adequate light? (assuming they can’t add windows on the lot line)

  • 22% below 2004 pricing, or about $300/sf. Seems like a fair deal.

  • Should we be surprised it sold so far under the 2004 price? The reno will be costly but it’s a huge building and people will pay a lot to live in Brooklyn Heights.