DOT’s Designs on Washington Avenue

Last night the DOT presented plans to CB8’s Transportation Committee for revamping Washington Avenue from Atlantic to Eastern Parkway that include new street striping and bike lanes. The DOT plans to add a landscaped sidewalk extension and a safety island to the Park and Grand intersection—which the board has already approved—as well as shortened bus stops, which will add a few parking spaces to the thoroughfare; nine new loading zones, which will subtract at least 40 parking spots; new and standardized muni meters; new signal timing; and a street-striping plan. The street striping will be much like Park Slope’s Fifth Avenue, and include five-foot bike lanes on both sides of the avenue. The discussion from board members and residents did not center around bike lanes as much as it did parking. Many voiced concern over the spots that will be lost, and requested that alternate-side parking be suspended two days a week. The Transportation Committee approved the proposal and and the motion will move on to the full board on May 12th. You can see a detailed presentation of DOT’s proposal on the department’s website. All of the improvements presented last night come in addition to the plans CB8 has already OK’d for the Washington/Atlantic intersection.
Momentum on Atlantic-Washington Calming [Brownstoner]
Washington & Atlantic Ave Safety Improvements [DOT; PDF]

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  • Enough with the lines already.

    Sadik Khan should take a hike. There is no problem with Washington. THere is nothing to “fix”.

    BTW, I would love to know who has the contract to paint all of these lines. Because they suck. In Williamsburg, the lines are gone already. Lasted maybe a year. Someone is running a scam on the City. Created an annuity for themselves, uglifying the City with lines all over the place.

  • Looks like a great plan. The two traffic lanes each way were too narrow to get much use anyway, and hopefully this will help calm the crazy traffic on this street.

  • I don’t know much about it other than what I’m reading here, but sounds like some compromise on both sides did the trick, without screaming, name-calling, demonstrations, and both sides digging their heels in.

    Much could be learned from that.

  • A little nervous about losing that much parking, but I think it sounds like what the street needs.

  • I’ve driven Washington many times and had no friggin clue thewere two lanes o_0

  • The bike lanes will be blocked by double parkers, just like the inner car lanes are now.

  • Looks great! It’s so weird having a DOT that actually solves problems. Remember the old days under the political hacks that used to run that agency?

  • Glad to see this as I live just off Washington. It’s always been a bit dicey to get to Prospect Park from our place on a bike and this will help.

    Looked like they added some dedicated turn lanes too which should help traffic.

    Now if we can just do something about the run down stores and the people constantly loitering in front of them.