None of Admiral’s Row Buildings Salvageable?

Here’s the latest in depressing Admiral’s Row news: According to Fort Greene-Clinton Hill Patch, last week the National Guard sent a letter to local politicians telling them Building B has been deemed beyond repair, which means the Guard has washed its hands of one of only two buildings on the row that were supposed to be preserved. In February, the National Guard said the other building that was supposed to be salvaged, the Timber Shed, was also too far gone to be preserved. According to last week’s letter, one of Building B’s walls has partially collapsed and is unstable. Thus, the Navy Guard is not going to make any moves to preserve either building while it has custodianship of the row; as noted last week, it’s unclear when the Navy Yard Development Corporation will be able to take control of the row and, in the meantime, the Development Corp. is not allowed to access the buildings in order to try and preserve them.
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  • Well, if they didn’t let the buildings get to the point that they are now they would have been able to be preserved. They now might as well just raze the whole site and call it a day…….

  • Shameful and deplorable.

  • There is no such thing as beyond repair. If you think these buildings are beyond repair you should have seen the buildings (facades actually) that made up the old Fulton Fish Market. The developers were able to successfully make a go of those sites with some government assistance (read: tax abatements and low interest loans). Come on someone get pissed off here.