Second Shot for Crown Heights Condo

After more than a year of nothing doing at the development dubbed Ishi Condos—on St. Marks between Classon and Franklin—we wondered when or if the project would try its luck on the market again. As it turns out, the building is indeed giving it a go again, this time under the moniker MarkPlus. Five one-bedrooms are on the market, according to StreetEasy, priced from $289,000 to $369,000. Listings at the development were pulled in February of last year after launching in early ’09, and StreetEasy records don’t indicate that any went into contract.
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  • what’s the opposite of eye candy?

  • Wow, what a description: “A singular vision in concrete and steel.” Yes indeed: a singular vision. Digging the barbed wire.

  • minard, I’m guessing the picture above?

  • *total* ear vegetables.

    That blue panel shite has gots to go. Looks like plexi that they never pulled the plastic off of. A crap building on a crappy bit of street. However, it is at least character-less enough that it could be nicely decor’d inside and you could have a decent apartment.

    Oh, wait, 300-400k for a 1br? Nevermind. Was thinking these were 2br. Decorability not worth it. Go buy that house in bedstuy that’s on the open houses listing.

  • So, bfarwell, I’m guessing you don’t like the building? 😉

  • All new buildings suck. Landmark everything. I love vacant lots. Screw Ratner. Free Mumia.

  • Heh, jugs.

    Bxgrl, I don’t know what gave you that idea.

    But seriously, jugs, I don’t hate all development, but I do hate ugly/dumb bad architecture. This is definitely qualifying as ugly. Cheap-looking, detail-less, and those doofy-ass blue panels. (okay, so that’s one detail. but it’s bad.) If you wanted big windows (and these aren’t that big) that opened, you’d be better off with those stupid french doors that have a stupid faux-balcony rail in front of them. Then at least you could get real light and air, instead of one sliding-track door that gives you a 3×7 sliver of air, and slides in front of your other window, screwing up your view.

    Hell, I’d rather just have a wider set of normal windows that would swing open. Or tilt/turn, in my fantasy world. But this is dumb. And ugly.