Caledonian Hospital Conversion Moving Forward

100parkside42011.jpgAccording to an article in The Wall Street Journal, a developer who bought the former Caledonian Hospital on Parkside Avenue in 2007 is taking steps to convert the multi-building complex into condos and rentals. Karl Fischer, the architect on the project, says the Flatbush property will have 270 units, and the rentals may be ready to roll within a year. (It’s not clear from the story how many units are supposed to be condos.) Developer Joseph Chetrit purchased Caledonian from the Brooklyn Hospital Center in 2007, but plans for the development have been on ice.
Condo Project Comes Alive [WSJ] GMAP
Chetrit Stitches Up Hospital Buy for $15 Million [Brownstoner]

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  • Now that is a bit of “wow” information for a Monday morning!

  • That is really great news for that side of the park. Having an abandoned building right on the park has really been a downer.

  • It’s interesting to read the speculation from back in 2007 when so many people guaranteed that this was going to be a high rise. In any case, if this does really go forward, it’s going to be a boon to at least a certain segment of the neighborhood.

  • That’s huge. Maybe now the parkside/ocean intersection will be made less death-trappy.

    I knew a huge pre-war building overlooking Prospect Park couldn’t stay empty for long.

  • The WSJ mentions doing interior demo but doesn’t say if any of the complex will be demolished…anyone know if Chetrit plans to simply gut and remodel the current buildings?

    Caly Hospital has always been hodgepodge of ugly modern brick industrial buildings, with the exception of one older brick building that faces onto the Park that was never merged well with the ugly modern one next to it.

  • watch Chetrit closely folks not the most modern of operators shall we say

  • I was wondering what was up there. A boarded-up building on the park seemed like a ridiculous wasted opportunity. I’ll be curious to see how these turn out.