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  • never happen, but will be next year
    they got so much money in that site…. have to

  • [sound of radioactive crickets]

  • Looking forward to this. More exciting than the Yards.

  • One thing I don’t understand, if they dig down to put a foundation, possibly a basement, won’t the canal water seep in?

    or are they building it on a slab?. I thought this whole area was built of tidal straights, or marshland, can it support a building that close to the canal?

  • Given how fast Atlantic Yards is going up, it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s built in a year.

    Looking forward to it, even though I no longer have a need to buy their brand of dog food.

  • With enough engineering, you can build just about anything, anywhere – look at how deep the World Trade Center goes under what was once the Hudson River.

    However, I thought I read a while back that they eliminated early plans for a basement to avoid the expensive construction that would be needed.

  • this is bad news for rents in the area, unfortunately.


  • Slab

  • Scott, I seem to recall reading the same thing, and I thought they also decided to do away with anything underground and opt for a slab for environmental reasons as well.

  • Fairway Forever

  • Would love to see Whole Foods pioneer smaller “metro” stores in urban areas, similar to Tesco and M&S in the UK. More convenient for shoppers w/o cars and lunch-time trade for read-to-eat purchases. If they were to concentrate enough stores in an area (say, 4-8 across Brownstone Brooklyn) all supplied by one local distribution center, most of the economies of scale of a single superstore would still apply.

  • I was one of the people who said this would never happen. I was wrong. It will open. The chances of my shopping there are between nil and none. I went into a whole food once….and was shocked at the prices. The prices at both Trader Joe’s and Fairway are reasonable whole foods are not in my opinion.
    Fairway and TJ sell quality foods are reasonable prices. So does Sahadi’s and the newer one on Court Street(the old block buster)…whole foods go away….

  • There is never any sign of construction activity here. I don’t doubt their ability to get it done in a timely fashion, especially if it’s going on a slab, but it’s just weird.

  • kind of weird that the sign is suspended in mid-air on an invisible construction fence.