262 Clifton Fetches Huge Sales Price

262-Clifton-040511.jpgWow. We weren’t expecting this. Back when 262 Clifton Place was on the market and came up as a House of the Day we had this to say: “While we don’t love all the aesthetic choices, it’s clearly a strong effort. We fear that, given the location, the owner is going to have a hard time getting close to the asking price of $1,300,000. Those are a lot of ducats in this part of town.” The comments went on to predict an ultimate selling price of somewhere between $800,000 and $1,000,000. So imagine our surprise to see that the three-story brownstone had sold recently for $1,200,000!
House of the Day: 262 Clifton Place [Brownstoner]
262 Clifton Place Listing [Douglas Elliman]

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  • This is worthy of the Brownstoner equivalent of the Drudge Siren.

  • Home Sweet Stuy called it right. It just goes to show that people who now live in a neighborhood, know their neighborhood’s pluses and minuses

  • Gorgeous interiors. Love the chandelier.

  • By daveinbedstuy on December 1, 2010 2:05 PM:

    “If Jerry Minsky gets a million for this I’ll give him my house to list.”

    Well DIBS, I guess you’ll be moving out of the neighborhood now. But with that kind of equity, you could buy a nice place in Park Slope. We can call you DIPS!

  • I thought places in this section have been going for over a 1 million for awhile…

  • The house looks in good, clean, move-in condition. The front windows are really ugly though, but I don’t think that matters to many people.

  • [Calling Jerry now…..]

  • this is not a good thing.
    at all


  • By Minard Lafever on April 6, 2011 11:18 AM

    The house looks in good, clean, move-in condition. The front windows are really ugly though, but I don’t think that matters to many people.

    Agreed. Re price. I am speechless. This is a three story house in Bed Sty. Fine by me.

  • Beautiful house, nice block. I still think selling price is a little high for this market, but note the house is listed as being in the “better” (i.e. re-branded, better name sounding) CLINTON HILL, as opposed to Bed-Stuy (where it’s actually located. Folks are really getting duped by realtors trying to stretch that Clinton Hill Border past Franklin. It would appear people will pay more to say they live in Clinton Hill as opposed to Bed-Stuy even if they don’t. But I am sure a little redistricting here and there will soon aid them in the ploy (and me too…seeing that I just bought a home on Hancock between Nostrand and Bedford). But as a Bed-Stuy native, I claim in proudly. For most people, however, it is evident that when it comes to real estate, a rose by any other name really ISN’T as sweet.

    Guess I can’t afford to buy in the ghetto NOW.

  • Oh wait, it’s way north in Bed Stuy. Just give that area to Clinton Hill already and be done with it.

  • sobrooklyn – Welcome neighbor. Drop me a line at bedstuymaven at gmai dot come. We can meet in person.

  • That is a new record for the block, by $300,000. Good for the broker and the seller. As to the buyer, someone just bought 266 (in estate condition) for $450,000.

  • We can call that area BeSt Hill

  • Do you really think the buyer was naive enough to believe it is in Clinton Hill???

    They must have put a lot down because there are no comps for this price in that location anywhere near high enough for a 10-20% mortgage.

    It’s a really nice place.

  • dibs, it’s a mystery what they thought. The house is nice, but the remo isn’t even some sort of bravura performance that justifies a premium. Look at those white windows.

  • That is really as shocking a sales price as I can recall seeing on here. So far above comps one wonders what the buyers were thinking. But far be it for me to criticize, they wanted the house and they bought it. Good on them and thanks for the fantastic comp!

  • I suppose new precedents are set everyday. The buyer obviously loved the house and felt the 1.2 was worth it. Maybe they took a bath? Who knows? But the bath isn’t so bad when you willingly poured the water. Hope they enjoy it and keep it in good condition. It truly is a lovely property.

  • Yaaay for me. My house is on that block. And that area is now properly referred to as “Stuy Hill” (All rights reserved)

  • Woo hoo! I also just bought on Hancock between Bedford and Nostrand. Bed Stuy rules.

  • ugh the owner look at me my house is worth more now party in here is deplorable!


  • Yes, iot’s really nice aside from the white windows.

  • Congratulations DIBS !

  • The sale price included two kilos of blow in the “powder room”.

  • It does seem that realtors are becoming quite comfortable with lying about where a property is actually located. Clinton Hill? Please… If I ever decide to sell my house in Brooklyn Heights I guess certain realtors will have no issue with stating that it is in Greenwich Village.

  • This is really no surprise. This is the way things have been going along for quite some time. I guess David will now sell and move to the Toren or the Avalon Fort Greene.

    Was it the New Yorker or New York Magazine…I cannot remember…that had a chart linking and comparing Manhattan neighborhoods with Brooklyn neighborhoods. It equated Park Slope with the Upper West Side and the West Village/Greenwich Village with Fort Greene. So, I guess if and when we finally decide to downsize ourselves out of Fort Greene maybe the agent will be able to say with a straight face that Fort Greene has been “equated with the West Village”.


    Actually, I found it fascinating recently…and of course, again, cannot remember where I read it…that online real estate searches show people are looking at Brooklyn Heights, Fort Greene and the Village simultaneously. I’m not sure how computer people figure this out.

    Now, I would imagine people are probably comparing the cost of a one or two bedroom apartment in the Village versus a house or bigger apartment (such as a in new development like the Williamsburg Savings Bank building) in Fort Greene.

    We know a number of empty-nesters and a whole bunch of gender-convergent (aka gay) couples who have made the move to Brownstone Brooklyn both from outside New York City and from Manhattan.

    Is it just me or is this other people’s impression as well?

  • nortonbutler – give me a shout as well Bedstuymaven at gmail dot com. We have a nice little neighborhood group

  • The buyer appears to be a photographer who shoots lifestyle spreads for fancy magazines.

  • Equating Brooklyn neighborhoods to Manhattan neighborhoods is lame to the max

  • “I don’t blame them for asking that. It’s the buyers that are delusional.” – By Brownstones Half Off on December 1, 2010 2:06 PM

    ***Bid half off peak comps***

  • quote:
    gender-convergent (aka gay) couples

    im gay so i can say this, but BARF. people dont dare EVER call me “gender-convergent”


  • Through word of mouth I’ve heard that the seller owns a few places on this block. I think he did a great renovation job though I would have changed the bathrooms a tad. I’ve been looking at a lot of houses in the area and they are going fast. You heard it here first houses are selling in Bed Stuy quickly, very quickly.