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  • are you serious? ANOTHER deli for fulton? i’d really like to see this area get some new bars.

  • It’s a shame to waste a prime storefront that could be something useful on a doctor’s office, which should be in a community facility space, not a retail space.

  • I think she may be using the term “deli” rather loosely. Did you see the mod, glassy front? Not your typical corner deli. It looks more along the lines of a deli like Zabar’s!

    By the way, we were all discussing how there are A LOT of businesses closing in Park Slope! Northern Seventh Avenue in particular has seen a good handful of places shut down recently. (I’m not counting the fact they’re getting a chain pet store by the way.)

    WHAT is going on? It seems like Myrtle and Fulton are bustling and I hear that businesses are desperate to get a storefront in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill.

    Discussion Topic: Park Slope businesses crashing while Fort Greene businesses on the rise.

  • wow someone has a neighborhood inferiority complex…


  • why would we need a fancy deli when provisions is across the street?

  • Some people can’t afford to take out a third mortgage to buy ingredients at Provisions every night.

  • last time i checked, bodegas rip you off like mad. at least you get quality when you pay at provisions.

  • @BrooklynGreene:If people are really dying to open up businesses in Ft Greene/Clinton Hill might I take this opportunity to introduce them to the six or seven retail spaces for rent along Fullton between Waverly and Cambridge?
    I’d be thrilled to see something open along this stretch that doesn’t have anything to do with hair care, nail care, or artery-hardening. Literally. Anything.

  • Tribeca Pediatrics is already open. We were there on Monday and were very impressed by the place and Dr. Hoffman. Very happy to have them in the neighborhood.

  • So, House’o’Wax! You’re half way there! You know what you DON’T want. So now all you have to do is think about what you do want, create a business plan and you’re sure to have a successful business!