CB2 Also Calls for Timber Shed Preservation

Earlier this week Sens. Schumer and Gillibrand wrote to Secretary of the Army John McHugh saying that Navy Yard officials should be allowed to have access to Admiral’s Row in order to make emergency repairs to the Timber Shed and Building B, and yesterday Community Board 2 joined the chorus. According to City Room, CB Chairman John Dew sent a letter to the army outlining “the board’s disappointment that there are no plans in the document to stabilize the Timber Shed, the last structure of its type in the United States.” Last month there was word that the army had determined that the Timber Shed was beyond repair and should be demolished despite plans to preserve the structure and Building B if the Navy Yard ends up redeveloping the site. The City Room story notes that the likely transfer of Admiral’s Row to the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation still needs to be agreed upon in writing by the National Guard Bureau, the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation and the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historical Preservation, and after that the site still needs to go through an environmental review that probably won’t be finished until September.
CB2 Weighs in on Admirals Row Preservation [The Local]
Sens. Schumer & Gillibrand Pitch in to Save Admiral’s Row’ Buildings [Daily News]
Photo by Barry Yanowitz.

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  • You’d think they were asking to preserve a building the complexity of Grand Central Station. For crying out loud, just let them build a carport style shelter over the thing, so the rain and snow don’t complete the wrecking job, and let them shore it up, until the real work of preserving it can be done.

    Textbook demolition by neglect. Disgusting.

  • I think that maybe “beyond repair” is code for “too expensive amid an ongoing economic apocalyptic event”

    I wonder how expensive all this bureaucratic foot-dragging is: people justifying their existence by arbitrarily wielding power and pushing paper back and fort.

  • This is just nonsense, the shed is timber itself. Its not beyond repair – I’ve seen sagging barns like this, and worse, in England restored using traditonal techniques or modern.

    It comes down to some box-checker in the armed forces not being able to approve anything outside of the two boxes he has in front of his nose.

  • Hey, Watch it! It’s the Army National Guard, they are in the business of keeping down unruly mobs in sketchy places like Brooklyn. So behave. They’ve got giant buildings filed with guns and ammo -and they know how to use them.

  • Waddaya bet the study to determine that it was beyond repair cost more than the repairs would.