Will Infamous Slope Ruin be Reborn?

A reader forwarded this listing to us yesterday with an email subject line that read “Can this be real??” Actually, there are at least a couple questions about its reality to ask: 1. Is it possible that renovations will occur at 187 7th Avenue in our lifetime? Despite being on a prime Slope corner, this one’s been in sorry shape for a loooong time. 2. Even though it’s got the whole location thing going for it, is $15K/month at all realistic for a space that probably hasn’t seen any sort of TLC in more than a decade? We can’t wait to find out!
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Slope Ruin Gets Served [Brownstoner]

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  • $180 /sq ft?!! !?!?!?!?!

    Isn’t it this greedy, retarded behavior that has caused the rest of 7th Avenue to become a ghost town? (relatively speaking… there shouldn’t be ANY shuttered stored in the heart of P.S. — certainly not lots of them!!)

  • Doesnt this building have an assload of liens and godknows what other issues going on? At what point can the state/city come in, and seize it from the POS owner?

  • There should be a law that if a property is an abandoned eyesore for X number of years, then the city should have the right to condemn it, pay the owner its market value, and then sell it to the highest bidder with the stipulation that is is renovated within 1-2 years.

    I don’t care if the owner has been paying the property taxes, and I don’t care about the owner.

  • Completely agree with BSD and s-dude. There is a point at which it’s more important to protect the safety of local residents (remember the window glass that fell from this building a few years back) and the commercial viability of the avenue that the property rights of the negligent owners. That point was passed years ago.

  • The asking rent is nuts….but as a commercial space owner in the slope…i hope they get asking rent.

  • There’s a Stop Work Order and 24 open DOB violations and 21 open ECB violations.

    Good luck renting that out.

  • Yes landlord, asking crazy rents makes for a model allowing the sale of reasonably priced goods/svcs being sold at a time like this, which is why no places have closed on 7th ave. (obviously some were selling stuff nobody wanted)

  • quote:
    There should be a law that if a property is an abandoned eyesore for X number of years, then the city should have the right to condemn it

    um no. that’s like saying ugly people should be locked up just for being ugly.


  • I don’t see how anyone would rent this with all the scaffolding. Unless some work has been done, this place is missing a pretty big slice of it’s roof. You could see the sky if you looked through the windows on the upper floors. I would think the window falling had something to do with water getting inside…

  • Rob – would you say that if you lived next to it or near it?

  • Who would rent it with the current landlord (unless ownership has somehow changed recently), let alone scaffolding? Part of renting means having a LL who is responsible for the premises. Heat? leaks? Water damage? I would have no faith that any problems would get resolved. Renting this is just buying yourself a bunch of legal fees and a loss of business/constructive eviction claim in six months.

  • BD – I knew it was the “stuff” they were selling and not the crazy rents….its the only possible explanation.

  • Dont worry Rob, you’ll like jail. Free meals, free studio-sized living space, and you get to play Xbox/PlayStation. And shower perks.

  • Maybe they’re figuring only $135/ft for the first floor and $45/ft for the basement/storage. I won’t hold my breath waiting for the bar/restaurant to open there.

    Someone actually leasing the space would just enable the owner to hang on longer, rather than doing the sensible thing & selling to someone more sane & capable who can take care of the property.

  • What good is the dept of buildings if this building has gotten violations for the last 20 years and is still in deplorable condition.
    i actually wish it would burn down to the ground, then the city can raze it and just make the space green, with trees and flowers.

    a little greenery will always help a neighborhood.

  • Hopefully, this is a sign that the owner actually needs money. Sale could be the next option if renting fails. I don’t know commercial rent rates, but if what you folks are saying is true that the price is crazy high, then how much crazier is it when you consider that this would be, in effect, a net lease, since tenant would effectively have to do and pay for everything himself? I wouldn’t expect the owners to put in a dime, not even to cure major problems. And jaguar’s point is a good one — you would also be dealing with a LL who has free counsel for litigation.

  • The city can take certain properties if they are vacant for six months (though I believe this applies to different construction and not just empty old buildings with greedy owners)

    It really needs to be spruced up. Poor old girl. A shame on the owner for that stupid asking price and for letting it decay this long.

  • Hopefully all of the above information I have posted has given you some idea of the players involved here.

  • Shame, NYC. This building is glaring evidence of total dysfunction and corruption at the DOB. No other city in the country would tolerate this loony woman and her loony daughter’s shenanigans and neglect. Only downtown Detroit in the 70’s maybe. It’s sociopathic to do this to the community. This building is a menace in its condition.

    And they think they’re going to rent out the ground floor? Proof of their insanity. Look at the condition of the floors above. No business owner would take on the potential lawsuit of having patrons hit on the head by falling shards of glass. Or put up with the obvious termite infestation this building would have. The whole entire building has to be totally gut renovated before even just the ground floor can be used by anybody. How desperate can Warren Lewis be to take on this listing?

  • Tear it down and build an apple store. :)

  • The daughters are very nice people.

  • So, what happened? Some posts seem to have been taken down.

  • I think Brownstoner knows the daughters –

    Its ridiculous, Brownstoner will allow all matter of insluts to be thrown at developers and others like Ratner and Scarano and yet here we have a LL that is putting peoples lives in danger, but brownstoner deletes links to PUBLIC sites that show the LL (and yes the daughters are part owners of 501 2nd St Corporation – its in the Court docs).

    Brownstoner sometimes you prove yourself to be an absolute hypocrite.

  • This building is going to kill or injure someone some day. It is a forgone conclusion. And hopefully this post wount be censored by Brownstoner – like all the others because I want it down somewhere that this was predicted (by me) – hopefully someone can read it at the sentencing

  • gemeni10 – the daughters ARE OWNERS – they are part of the LLC – its in the court documents ->

  • zap zap poof poof. like it wasnt even there. or was it cached by google already?

  • Never mind the LL, what kind of irresponsible broker would even take such a listing? Good luck with the WL crew there Aroza!

  • I bet the whole thing’s barmecide & she’d turn down a legitimate offer. May have done it to placate the daughters or for some legality. She owns a house on 2nd St. that is periodically put on the market supposedly but then withdrawn if anyone shows interest.

  • Fsrg – I didn’t see that, but that makes it ever worse! perhaps though the mother is so sick that she refuses to give complete title over to the girls in order for them to sell it, but then again it doesn’t take away the fact that even with them owning the building with the mother they can’t try and keep it up and repair the building…
    it’s a disgrace

  • If anybody is wondering why the DOB doesn’t do anything about this situation, re-read the old Brownstoner thread about the building and see the bio for the owner’s daughter: She’s an administrative law judge for New York City’s Environmental Control Board. The youngest judge to be selected for the position, she hears cases involving violations of New York’s administrative code and rules involving the departments of buildings, sanitation, health, parks, and fire.

  • It’s SUPER sad that these girls at least on the outside seem to be with it and successful yet have a crazy mom who won’t sell off that building. It’s sorta like watching Hoarders and seeing how traumatized the kids are of these people suffering from that wretched disease.