Tentative Hope to Revive Columbia St Waterfront

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The Columbia Street Waterfront may be looking a lot more like Brooklyn Bridge Park in coming years, The Post reports. After the extensive street repair work finishes up in the neighborhood and space frees up from the DOT, the city is planning green space, a park and a dog run on a 1.7-acre parcel of waterfront land. It will hopefully be a part of the 14-mile greenway connecting Newtown Creek to the Shore Parkway Greenway. Preliminary drawings from the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative (pictured) propose open space with gardens, a bike rent and repair shop, a concession stand and seating area, and a sculpture garden. Although the end of street construction is still years away, it’s still nice to think about improvements to this stretch. A meeting about the proposal is happening tonight, and you can RSVP for it here.
City Looks to Revive Columbia St. Waterfront [NY Post]

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  • those kids playing better not wander over into bike path or that alpha a**hole will run them right over.

  • Kinda weird to show someone looking like they should be in a velodrome. Maybe intentional showing of bike lane and rider to incite the haters. I love the idea of eventually biking all along bklyn waterfront

  • lol @ the plum smuggler


  • lol, and the cyclist is riding on the wrong side for the direction he is heading. At least its an accurate depiction.

  • I hope those ugly ass sculptures are just for the rendering…

  • skate park… skaaaaaate paaaark… SKATE PARK!!!!

  • This looks great! This is my nabe, and I would love to see something like this really happen. They still have to finish the canal pump project and the reconstruction of Van Brunt Street, but I have been here since 1999 and am willing to wait. I have seen great changes since then, and this looks like a modest project with big positive impact.

    I just wonder about the bike rentals. A nice idea that could draw visitors into the neighborhood, but I cannot see any business staying open on that corner – just not enough traffic. They probably have a “build it and they will come” attitude.

  • Where are all the feral cats and the guys who sit on lawn chairs all day? But really, I am excited by this. And I don’t own a bike so I would love to rent one for an afternoon. I like how they are honest about the unique view of the shipping containers!

  • Throughout the warm month(s) bicyclists find their way down through this area and into Red Hook.

    It would be great to have a park at that spot as well as the bike lane continued further, instead of abruptly ending on Degraw Street.

    It’s these small, relatively low cost, initiatives that have long term positive unforeseen results.

    Even if they just throw down a bag of grass seeds it will be bitchen. But I really want a skate park.