New Bar for 3rd Avenue

Last week a reader tipped us off to a new business coming to the corner of 6th Street and 3rd Avenue, saying it looked like it was going to be a bar. That checks out with the now-active liquor license application on file for the address. Aside from the name of the place, Halyard’s, that’s now printed above the door, we’ve got nothing in terms of specifics for this spot. Anyone in the area heard buzz on when it’ll open or whether it’ll have some sort of menu? GMAP

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  • Isn’t it kind of amazing how 10 years ago 5th Avenue was the new place to open a business, the last few years it was 4th for all the new condos and now there is SO MUCH stuff opening on 3rd. Never would have guessed it would all happen so quickly.

    Brooklyn really is a thriving place when you think about it.

  • your right,i actually like 3rd ave.

    gowanus is cool in a unique way.

  • Kind of proves all the fear mongering about how the area would be ruined if the canal was a Superfund site was wrong.

  • anyone know what the rents are down on 3rd for “storefronts”?

  • I was wondering about that place. I had brunch with friends on Sunday at Bar Tano, and we passed it on the way to Four and Twenty Blackbirds.

    Speaking of 4&20, damn, that was good pie!

  • I have wanted to try the 4 & 20 for so long, but pass it by daily, and never stop. Glad to hear it is good. I will have to make a stop now. mmmmmmmm

  • isn’t 3rd Ave becoming a viable retail strip a death sentence for all those empty storefronts on 7th?

  • 4&20 is amazing. I go as often as possible.

  • “isn’t 3rd Ave becoming a viable retail strip a death sentence for all those empty storefronts on 7th?”

    I don’t think so. The stuff opening on 3rd isn’t the same kind of stuff which would open on 7th.

    7th is a lot of things people use everyday like dry cleaners, pharmacies, video stores, banks and real estate offices, restaurants, and things like that. It’s also seen quite a few spaces rented recently with the new vietnamese, da nonna rosa is new, the space that was super savers and empty for AGES was finally rented just this past month, and the space above Slope Health and Fitness has been rented recently as well.

    There’s also a new South Brooklyn Pizza outpost coming to 7th Avenue and 1st Street. Tons of new stuff in the past couple months, but it’s not the same kind of stuff that’s opening on 3rd.

    For many who live near the Park, 7th is their main strip to run errands and such. It’s not edgy, just stuff we need.

  • 3rd ave is so first decade of the 2000s.

    All the super the cool kids are schemeing on what to open on 2nd Ave and Hamilton Ave… or building houseboat storefronts on the canal…

  • never thought pie and a bar as “edgy”.

    maybe boring retail = boring shoppers?

  • i second the question on 3rd avenue rents… anyone know more about the rental landscape? (p.s. i love 4&20 blackbirds, too!)

  • figure $30 to $40 a square foot for commercial retail, so it’s starting at around $2,500 a month running up to $3,500 for 1,000 square feet. The larger warehouse spaces are of course cheaper by the square foot but will probably want $5,000 to $8,000. Still cheaper below 9th Street, but not so much and it seems to be equalizing pretty fast.

  • I can’t be sure if this is related but a couple of months ago I was told by a bartender that they were getting financing to open up a new bar on 3rd ave (though I thought it was going to be at 433 3rd Ave), anyway, I was told that they are trying to open a gin bar. Though not totally focused on Gin as they would have a great selection of Whiskeys and other drinks as well as creating their own bitters and home made cocktails. kinda like Clover Club style and Henry Public. I just moved from 3rd and have to say that I miss it. 3rd ave is great. Friendly place and more places to eat and drink that most people realize.

  • quote:
    never thought pie and a bar as “edgy”.

    (the people opening these places and who patronize them are from the midwest.) so yeah, i guess it is edgy :-/


  • people, as a long time brooklynite living on 3av for most of my 45 years I am really happy about all the changes happening along dead or bad stretches of 3av. I remember watching our station wagon while my dad went to collect his winnings from his football sheets in a goodfella bar near the train overpass. Then it was edgy now not so much and while I like 4/20BB (my wife and I went there the first week it opened) but tasty as it is that is the smallest slice of pie I have ever had in my life!!!

  • A pie place isn’t “edgy” but it’s not exactly as common as a pizza joint. Also, 3rd Ave probably gives a lot of these niche start up businesses more room to grow and build a customer base since the overhead is a lot cheaper over there. If 4 and 20 was on 5th Ave or Smith St they’d have a lot more pressure to hurry up and start turning over profit big enough to handle the rent they’d pay on those streets.

  • I work in Gowanus and have been watching the construction of this new bar (Halyards) with great anticipation. Personally, I’ve exhausted the bars in Carroll Gardens and don’t have much interest in venturing to the Slope. Halyards opened this past weekend and so some friends and I ventured across the canal to check it out. It was definitely worth the ten minute (that’s it!) walk. The decor is similar to Brooklyn Social or Henry Public, in that step-back-in-time way, but it is much more spacious so you are not fighting crowds. The ambiance is very cozy and cool. We all agreed it will definitely be our new destination. I also met the owner who said that they are working on a menu. I highly suggest checking it out.

  • Rents on 3rd: 1 year ago 4&20 BB spot was going for $1600, a year later and empty storefront of 433 is about $4300 for about 1000sqft. The spot directly across from 4&20 BB I believe is going for about 3k. 1 year + great pie = higher rents for all who come after…

  • Checked out Halyards over the weekend and the space is gorgeous. They did a great job.

  • I went here last night to see the Moonlighters. Really nice low-key spot and free music. But really miserly on the whiskey pours (and wine, too). Somehow that always really bugs me.