Closings, Move-Ins at the Pencil Factory

pencil-factory-small.jpgThe Pencil Factory was nearing the 50 percent sold mark when we checked in on it at the end of the summer. More recently we noticed price hikes of around $20,000 on remaining units and figured there must be demand over in Greenpoint. Turns out we were right, as we’re told the building is 85 percent sold. People are closing and move-ins have begun. Not too shabby considering sales only restarted in May.
Pencil Factory Halfway There [Brownstoner]
Pencil Factory 25 Percent Sold [Brownstoner]
Pencil Factory Back in Business [Brownstoner] GMAP

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  • i tagged along with a friend who was looking at apartments in here. pretty nice. the one bedrooms were sorta small (and dark) – but the two bedrooms were very nice and sunny. view from the roof was great (but likely blocked by towers eventually)

  • Unfortunately, i was too late in getting in on this one. this was probably the most affordable building in greenpoint. the value is great too as you are right by the water and not too far from the G train.

    PS that is not a pic of the building. thats a pic of some building on greenpoint ave. the pencil factory condos are a block over between kent and java.

  • That is the actual Pencil Factory building (a landmark) – the ca. 1923 building where Eberhard Faber made pencils. That whole block is still zoned for manufacturing.

    The Pencil Factory Lofts are a block to the north on West Street – the development includes a former EF building (that was not landmarked) and a new building.

  • pics switched out! thanks guys

  • I’m sure the inside is nice, but that is one ugly building on the outside.

  • it looks way better in person, imo

  • They’re nice… but Half a million for the G-train? How will the Midtown workers that get paid enough to live here get to work? Walk the mile to the L or 7?

  • I haven’t been by in three or four months, but agree with DH – it is a nice looking project on the outside.

  • the G to the 7/E/M is fine during rush hour (took me 20 minutes door to door back in my lorimer days) – probably not fun late night/weekends.

  • tyburg6 – the new ferry will be a block and a half away. $3.00 to 34th Street, with a free crosstown shuttle bus from there.

  • Clueless folk tend to kvetch about the G train and its lack of connection to Manhattan. That, my friend, is the neighborhoods strongest feature! (Listening tybur6?). Keeps the NYU B&T crowd at bay. And allows for much easier parking than in most Brooklyn neighborhoods.

  • many people just take the bus to the subway too if going downtown. for going to midtown, hard to complain, i don’t get it. midtown is less than 25 minutes door to door. way closer than brownstone brooklyn.

  • I guess I’ve only taken the G-train on the weekends/evenings… and it usually entails waiting for a half hour.

  • I dont think this building is ugly, i think its very respectful of the neighborhood, for a condo like this. It coild have been just another big fishbowl! There is a really nice communal feel to it, inside and out. Most of the ppl who live at the building are pretty down to earth like anyone else in the community.