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  • A police source in Williamsburg called the effort “prolonged enforcement” — not a “crackdown” with quotas.

    “It’s from now until forever; there is no set time,” he said. “Bicyclists should travel like vehicles and must obey the same laws. The department and the people are sick of it!”

  • Steve Levin needs to be replaced at the next City Council election.

    He’s nothing but a shill for Vito Lopez.

  • “A police source in Williamsburg called the effort “prolonged enforcement” — not a “crackdown” with quotas. ”

    prolonged enforcement = sitting in a parked car on the corner of N6th and Berry (in the bike lane) and drinking coffee. look out!!

  • how do the police plan on actually giving someone on a bike, speeding through a red light, a ticket? are they going to speed after them in their car and run the biker off the road? its not like many bikers are going to stop nicely when a cop says “hey you!”.

    there are other bikers on this site- anyone been ticketed?

  • Randolph: really? If bikers wouldn’t stop why do motorists?

  • on a bike it is easy to pretend you didn’t hear or you have headphones on or something like that, in a car there is a well established protocol for being pulled over.

  • “Randolph: really? If bikers wouldn’t stop why do motorists?”

    Putnam: Really? Until bikers are required to display tags on their bikes, what IS the incentive to stop?

  • BOD- they’re cops, they’re in a car most likely, and it’s the law. Cyclists are not above the law and if they can’t hear a cop yelling at them, they shouldn’t be riding on city streets so obliviously.