It Has Come to This: Mapping Snow Removal

A reader dropped a line to say he’d set up a map where anyone can type in whether or not a block has been plowed yet. Check it out here and add your own notes. As of the writing of this post, the handful of “failure to remove snow” tags were in or around the Slope. For example, one reads: “Garfield Place impassable.” As City Room reported a couple hours ago, the mayor is saying that it will probably take another day for all the city’s streets to be plowed.
Mapping Snow Removal in Brooklyn [Official Site]

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  • Not just Park Slope. Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens are both a mess. Our street – Kane Street – is not only not plowed, but it has been plowed in at the head-end on Court Street. Of course, people have been trying to maneuver through it and there are now several stuck vehicles.

  • Bensonhurst is horrible. There was 1 plow in all this time and it had swirved out of control on Benson Ave and hit a parked car. The plow then sat there for over 15 hours.
    None of our streets have been plowed as of yet. Our Mayor has failed out City.

  • My street – Lefferts Ave between Rogers and Nostrand – has been plowed numerous times, even though very few others in the neighborhood have been touched. One of my neighbors must have a City Hall connection.

  • Anybody know if Lafayette Avenue has been cleaned up enough to allow the B38 through? thanks!

  • Luckily, it’s 40 degrees outside. The snow will melt before Sanitation clears the five boroughs. Bloomberg has no excuse – they should have been out in full force during the storm. Lucky for NYPD that there were not a lot of fires to fight.

    Willow Street and a few others in the Heights have now been plowed.

  • Franklin Ave and St Johns Pl, a Sanitation plow has been stuck since early this morning. Yesterday no plows came through at all. EPIC FAIL MR BLOOMBERG!!!!

  • Luckily, we pay a premium to live in NYC, so we don’t need a car. If I lived in the ‘burbs (and needed a car), I’d be pissed.

  • quote:
    Luckily, we pay a premium to live in NYC, so we don’t need a car. If I lived in the ‘burbs (and needed a car), I’d be pissed

    im SO not anti car, at all. i dont drive, never had, but dont hold it as some sort of magic wand of being holier than thou.. i get why some people have to drive… but ill be honest, there are some neighborhoods in nyc where im like wtf? seriously? you are going out in your car? where too? your kids dont look sick, you dont look hungry, and im pretty sure everything closed. do these people even own metrocards? the trains are the best part of nyc!!!!


  • They should tie Bloombags to the frontg of one of those trucks and drag his face through the streets. Maybe he’ll swallow some of the garbage that is fermenting under all that snow and have a crude awakening.

  • quote:
    Luckily, we pay a premium to live in NYC, so we don’t need a car. If I lived in the ‘burbs (and needed a car), I’d be pissed

    My subway line (Brighton Q/B) hasn’t been in service for almost 48 hours. And I haven’s seen a plow in that same time.

    So I’m pissed.

  • Not only were many subway lines down, they posted status on the MTA website around 6am yesterday and didn’t update it until last night. Ridiculous. And their excuse that the train operators couldn’t get in??? Was this snow a surprise? Why weren’t they there already? And it the old days, if they didn’t show up in a weather emergency they got penalized big time. And why weren’t all trains running full force to keep the rails clear?? Ditto on the epic fail. Gross mismanagement. All those agency heads should be fired.

  • After 20+ inches, three to six days is normal (especially side streets).

    Well, it was for the ’96 blizzard and the ’06 blizzard and the Feb 2010 blizzard.

    Why is this one different?

  • To borrow from Kanye: Mike Bloomberg doesn’t care about Brooklyn people!

  • the entitled crowd might stone you boerumhill.

  • “Feb 2010 ”

    Untrue, BH. Feb 2010 was different, we had plows running down my block, and while it was a difficult storm, this time we’ve had ZERO PLOWS on my block in CH throughout. I can understand fewer plows, but ZERO plows? C’mon. Something is wrong.

  • New yorkers want
    + low property taxes,
    + to cut wall streeters making big bonuses (a good source of tax revenue),
    + enhanced services
    + great schools with free lunches for all

    Sanitation employees make a lot of OT on snow days (especially during holiday weekends). Our budget is ridiculously out of balance….

    We should not be surprised that city services are not what they used to be and may never be…

  • “Franklin Ave and St Johns Pl, a Sanitation plow has been stuck since early this morning. Yesterday no plows came through at all. EPIC FAIL”

    You can’t bitch about plows not coming through and bitch about them getting stuck when they do.

    seriously, people.

  • BoerumHill, this one isn’t different. That’s why the City’s abysmal response this time is so inexplicable. Maybe I just got spoiled by those previous competent snow removal efforts.

  • This storm is Bloomberg’s Katrina. Too bad he is also in a lame duck final term just like GWB.

  • what is worse, lame duck final term or lame duck first term?

  • Wait, this is all the posting we get on bstoner today? I’m a bit surprised.

    What shocked me, heading to Greenpoint was that no on had salted the subway steps. I saw platforms (I’m looking at you, Lafayette/Fulton C train) where snow and ice encrusted the entrance to the trains, and no one — I mean no one — has bothered to shovel any pedestrian paths at the curbs. Fulton Street BID? Isn’t this like, part of your job? Parts of Fulton are great. Parts at the corners? Not so much. And how is that the hard part?

  • I understand it takes time. But like Sparafucile, I also rely on the B and Q and this is absurd. Now they say the plows can’t clear the train tracks because they will damage the third rail. WTF? As for street clearing, here in DP, my street, not a major thoroughfare, got one pass from a plow this afternoon but none of the other streets in my ‘hood have been touched. I just wish Bloomberg would get up there and say “Wow! We really dropped the ball on this. It’s a mess out there. Forgive us and we’ll get it cleaned up as soon as we can” instead of his lily livered protestations that the city is doing what it always does.

  • Seriously? A bag of rock salt and (if I had a shovel) I’d do it in five minutes. How can you be a business owner and not do it? How can you be the MTA and not think of it? Why wasn’t this ever so much of an issue in any blizzard before? I don’t get it.

    Also, wondering about the lack of coverage here. Internet outage?

  • I’m loving the quiet. And the clean air!

  • This is definitely our Katrina.

  • As someone posted elsewhere, if Mayor Bloomberg could shovel snow as well as he shovels bullshit, our streets would have been totally clear already. The man has no shame whatsoever. The city’s response this time has been piss poor, not simply “not up to what we should expect” (or words to that effect). It should make NYer’s wonder about ALL of the bullshit (school improvements, police stats, City Time) that city hall professes to have made. Emperor WIndbag should face a recall vote.

  • That is classic! They need more maps like this around the country – Buffalo and Cleveland come to mind. Maybe Chicago too. I’ve never been to NYC in the winter, but I’m sure its a slushy mess on the streets. The problem is most city and county governments simply don’t plan ahead enough and usually don’t make it a top priority until it’s too late.

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