House of the Day: 262 Clifton Place

Someone really went to town on the reno of 262 Clifton Place, a three-story brownstone between Bedford and Nostrand in Bed Stuy. (No, it’s not Clinton Hill.) And while we don’t love all the aesthetic choices, it’s clearly a strong effort. We fear that, given the location, the owner is going to have a hard time getting close to the asking price of $1,300,000. Those are a lot of ducats in this part of town. What do you think?
262 Clifton Place [Douglas Elliman] GMAP P*Shark

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  • WOAH Way over price-800k maybe

  • They might get to a million on this, though most likely something like 950 will take it. Its a nice reno and a decent location. In Clinton Hill this house could get this price I bet.

  • overpriced perhaps, but one of the best renovations a hotd has had in a very long time. i agree with about all of the choices they made! me like.

  • If Jerry Minsky gets a million for this I’ll give him my house to list.

  • I don’t blame them for asking that. It’s the buyers that are delusional.

    ***Bid half off peak comps***

  • conveniently located by the Bedford Nostrand G stop

    LOL 1.3 million. they’ll get 900k tops.

  • Bought for 370K in 2007, nicely renovated I think, unless the photos lie. Crazy listing price, floating way high above recent comps.

  • “Bought for 370K in 2007”

    Not market price at all in 2007 but so in say ’95 to ’01. +200% to 900K+ per consensus (like NY Case-Shiller). All credit and fraud induced speculation. As always, the piper WILL get his. We have a ways to go before bottom. It’s mind blowing that we still have people out there levering up to hold the bags. Why not ask for 1.3 mil. But sadly successful sellers will turn around and continue the Ponzi, trading up to yet another overvalued peice of property (rather than keep profits, rent and then buy back in at bottom). The gains tax waiver encourages it.

    ***Bid half off peak comps***

  • Sometimes I think we nitpick just to nitpick.

    “…And while we don’t love all the aesthetic choices…”

    Give me a break. There are no exposed brick walls (the horror), no track lighting, very little use of recessed lighting (double horror), and no cheapo looking home depot tile/Ikea syle anything… even the renter’s kitchen is good looking and apparently meant to appeal to a broad range.

    What, ‘we’ don’t like the marble? The limestone? The paint colors selected? The granite or the sleek cherry cabinetry in the main kitchen?

    This looks great. Too expensive, but great. And I hope they can get a good price for it, because clearly they believe in the neighborhood, and they took pains to maintain the historical integrity of this lovely house. Good for them.

  • I gotta agree with Nokilissa on the condition, the renovation and the choices.

  • We were referring mainly to the bathroom–there’s no photo on Elliman but there is on StreetEasy. But you’re right, probably too nitpicky. overall great job.

  • I can’t comment about the price or location but that is one very nice renovation. Have to concur with Nokilissa on all.

  • Nokilissa your my best friend today!

  • I agree with Nokilisa, but it is a THREE story house and while nicely renovated, seems very much overpriced for that location. 950K maximum and even that is a stretch.

  • Amzi, did you do this place???

  • The only reason Brownstoner isn’t happy with the aesthetics choices is because the house is located in bed stuy. There is such a bias against the stuy on this blog. This is a good street-close to subways and lots of development. The reno is pretty awesome–it has a deck and a nice backyard and the rental is great. I bet the purchaser of this place could get 2k or more a month for that rental.DIBS is right–it IS only a 3 story but it has a finished basement–which sort of adds another story on–I think they are going to get pretty close to ask–1.1-1.2 is my guess.
    Oh how I would LOVE a finished basement and deck…..

  • Not going to comment on the price, but I totally dig the renovation. Perfect layout for a 3 story house and I love both kitchens. I like the bathrooms but I may have done a few things different in them, maybe mixing marble and subway tile instead of all marble but it still looks great. Deck off the parlor a plus. Prob would do a little more landscaping in the backyard for 1 million+
    That parlor with pocket doors into the tasteful kitchen is A+ in my book.
    This house does an excellent job of keeping the historic feel of the house and at the same time adds the much needed modern conveniences.
    I wish more people would take a cue from the renovator.