Streetlevel: The Curse of 140 Seventh Avenue

Back in February, we reported on the imminent opening of a Johnny Mack’s spinoff at 140 Seventh Avenue, and infinitejester commented that the space had been home to Elementi from ’07 to ’09, and Snooky’s before that. A debate ensued about whether or not the location was “cursed.” Eight months later, Here’s Park Slope says that the space is reopening as another Italian spot. An anonymous commenter on the blog says, “We need Vietnamese, we need BBQ, what we ABSOLUTELY DO NOT NEED is italian or pizza. And if you look on the NYC department of buildings website, it says this address has just installed pizza ovens.” Did the restaurant gods cast an evil spell on this space, or is it just plagued with owners who don’t want to risk serving anything more adventurous than pizza? GMAP
Johnny Mack’s Spinoff Coming Soon to 7th Ave [Brownstoner]
140 Seventh Ave Will Be Italian [Here’s Park Slope]

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  • The entire building (including the part in the photo which looks like brownstone) has been painted yellow in the past week.

    Too bad you didn’t get a newer photo….the building looks entirely different now.

    Even the top part has all been repainted.

  • Ahh – 11217 – sorry to hijack – but my husband got us cupcakes from King Of Cupcakes
    I tried a vanilla/vanilla and a pumpkin – the pumpkin was ok – the cream cheese frosting was too “cream cheesy” – I actually liked the vanilla but the cake part needed to be more moist
    have you tried them yet??

  • whatever… they can open whatever they want. sheesh.

    and good pizza will always make money in an area with this many kids.

  • Haven’t tried ’em yet Gem.

    It will be very difficult to top the cupcakes (Robicelli’s) at Blue Apron. They are the best I’ve ever had.

    I need to work up the guts to go into The King of Cupcakes as it’s painted almost entirely hot pink. Not exactly a very male friendly place. Your husband is a trooper. :)

  • 11217 – haaaaa – he kinda said he didn’t really dig the vibe in there – but he’s picky with how peeps treat him! right, I still haven’t tried those Blue Apron cupcakes – I will though
    I went to sugar sweet sunshine on Rivington this weekend – oh good god – those are good – you probably think I weigh 300 pounds from all the cupcakes I eat – ha!

  • Did someone call my name??

    I still have a menu from Snookey’s I also miss it.

    If it’s a pizza place like Peperoncino with an actual bar to go for a post-dinner/movie drink, fine. Wasn’t there a wood-fired pizza place to open on 7th near 10st?

    Face it, all: Park Slope is a family-friendly place along 7th Ave and that’s what entrepreneurs will try to serve.

  • I actually picture you quite trim and perky, Gem. :)

  • I love Sugar Sweet Sunshine. I wish I had one of those cupcakes right now.

  • I’m not sure if he was just trying to get some information for himself or perhaps he has a part in this new restaurant, but I have seen one of the La Villa owners hanging around outside talking to people while the front of the space was ope work s being done..

  • My favorite topic – what’s wrong with PS retail.

    “Park Slope is a family-friendly place along 7th Ave and that’s what entrepreneurs will try to serve”

    “Family-friendly” doesn’t have to equal lame. And if everyone walking down 7th wanted to go to a lame place, no one would be complaining about it, but they are.

    How to break this vicious circle? 11217 usual has good ideas.

  • Re King of Cupcakes, they had a “booth babe” handing out “get one free” leaflets all over the slope during TOT time yesterday. And now I hear the place is painted hot pink and has cream cheesey frosting on their cupcakes. Sounds ominous….

  • I’m not a fan of tutta pasta, and other than Aunt Suzie’s there are no other middle of the road, serving only Italian, places. I’d like something than tutta pasta (so much salt!)

  • The curse of 140 Seventh Avenue? Or the curse of people who don’t know neighborhood history? Snooky’s occupied that space perfectly well for at least 30 years. Failed pretentious restaurants do not a curse make.

  • > other than Aunt Suzie’s there are no other middle of the
    > road, serving only Italian, places.

    Aunt Suzie’s? Ick. You could do better buying a jar of Ragu and and a box of Barillo.

    What about Bar Toto, Bar Tano, Provini, Scalino, Campo de Fiori, and Sette?