Gentrification on Franklin Avenue

I Love Franklin Avenue has a good post about the changing face of Franklin Avenue over the past two years. To break it down: “21 new businesses have opened their doors since the summer of 2008, with another 7 coming soon. 17 businesses have undergone (or are undergoing) some type of renovation, and 15 business (including 2 new ones and 2 renovated ones) have closed. The vast majority of this action has taken place in the four-block stretch between Eastern and Park Place.” While gentrification is clearly at work, the writer points out the pattern is somewhat unconventional: some businesses opening as a result of gentrification couldn’t make it, with other less typical businesses are still thriving. Also the rising rents are causing many business owners to struggle with a customer base that doesn’t always shop locally. Some questions that remain at the end of the piece include how commercial displacement may lead to residential displacement (there are three new developments around Franklin Avenue) and what are “the best strategies for making changes [to] serve the widest portion of the neighborhood possible.”
Two Years of Commercial Development on Franklin Avenue [I Love Franklin Ave.]

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  • This article doesn’t take into consideration the commercial developments along Franklin in Bed Stuy. A bunch of new businesses have opened there in the last few years as well. Franklin seems to have a solid future as a commercial strip on either side of Atlantic Ave.

  • Thanks for linking this. This is one of the best blogs out there. It’s well-written and the author has a very positive attitude.

  • Franklin has come along way . in the 80’s it was no joke , you had to always watch around with a third eye. It wasn’t for the weak .

  • This ‘gentrification’ is a good thing, and needs more of it. The police watchtower stationed there is proof of that.

    And the ‘non-gentrifiers’ seem to like gentrification too since they were out enjoying Franklin Park, the sports bar, the pastries at Lily & Fig, Breukelen Coffee, Dutch Boy Burger.

    Can’t you just call it community improvement?

  • This is a Crown Heights specific blog, wasader.

  • quote:
    Can’t you just call it community improvement?

    i can’t.


  • I get it ishtar. And a good blog too. Just pointing out that Franklin seems to have legs on both sides of Atlantic which is good for people in both Crown Heights and Bed Stuy.

  • To backtrack: I understand that only about 45 years ago, Franklin Ave was fine between Eastern Pkwy and Park Place and didn’t need gentrification. So it went down and now hopefully will go back up. This cyclical thing about gentrification is making me dizzy.

    If someone can explain, please do.