315 Gates: Two Months, 30% Sold

Things are going impressively well at 315 Gates, the 72-unit condo development at the corner of Bedford Avenue in Bed Stuy. Since we took a walk-through at the end of August, 22 units—or 30 percent of the total—have gone into contract. “The rapid rate of sales at 315 Gates has exceeded even our own expectations, said Michael Brooks of The Developers Group, which is handling the sales and marketing for the project. Surprised?
Inside 315 Gates [Brownstoner] GMAP
Gates Ave. Development 25% Sold [Brooklyn Eagle]

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  • Yawn !!!

    same old shitty 2 room layouts.

  • no, not surprised. like i said before, these look like great apartments for a great deal. the building looks nice from the outside, in person. haven’t seen the inside in person. and i’m glas they planted thos trees on Beford. Bedford Ave desperately needs trees.

  • what is the pricing?

  • Actually visited these. I’m ambivalent.

    Build quality is actually pretty good except for the terrible (and I mean terrible) cheap particleboard cabinets in the kitchen. I think it was impossible to close the DW in one of the units because the drawer next to it was so poorly installed.

    Some of the units with terrace space (I think most are sold) are really quite nice.

    IMO the south facing units show the best but I don’t know about how I’d feel baking in them in the summer. It was hot in there and the outside temperature was 55 degrees when I dropped by (78-80 inside, no temp control running). I’m thinking the glass would have benefited from a better low-e coating.

    Mostly it was hard to justify dropping (according to the financing officer on site) well over 3k a month on a 2BR without a great amenities package (I’d rate the amenities as ok) when you can pick up a 2 or 3 family nearby. Or just rent a nice floorthrough in a brownstone for (sometimes far) less than 2k.

    I can see why some people might be attracted to them. Substantially better feel than some similar dev’s I’ve seen at higher PPs. They just haven’t been in the nabe. Not that there’s anything wrong with this nabe.

  • nevermind found it on their site:
    sample – 370k for a 1BR , 781 sq ft.
    $352.08/mo – fee
    $24.53/mo – taxes

    $450,000- 2BR, 985 sq ft.

    Interesting – the G train? lol

  • This is an indicator of how units that are reasonably well built sell in Bedford Stuyvesant. Developers are paying attention at sales and I have a feeling this will be a good year for Bed-Stuy.

  • This is near the G and C train. In my experience, G is great, runs consistently, goes through Park Slope now. THe C train is the WORST. Hate it.

  • Oh, wait a sec, you could actually walk to the A on Nostrand. So you’d be all set.

  • Yeah, they’re close to the A. And the Y. Both things make them interesting.