Z-7 Cafe Fills Yogo Monster’s Spot

A tipster sent in this photo of Z-7 Cafe, which moved into the old Yogo Monster at 115 Court. He says it’s a fast coffee shop and snack bar. Brooklyn Heights Blog also has some more details: “Emphasis seems to be on pastries and baked goods, but the menu covers a full line of breakfast entrees, as well as soups, sandwiches and some Greek items.” Anyone popped in yet?
And Then There Was One (Yogurt Shop on Court) [Brownstoner] GMAP

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  • Classy move leaving up the former tenant’s logo in the window.

  • That sounds like a decent replacement; I was just saying there needs to be a decent muffin place around here, so hopefully they go that route. (Yeah, I know there was that huge muffin/bakery place on Atlantic that failed- I think there’s a Subway in it’s spot.)
    It was such a joke when there were 3 (or was it 4?) yogurt places on Court, this side of Atlantic… I’m amazed at some of the ‘new business’ decisions that people make.

  • Haven’t been in there yet. My two thoughts so far:

    1. Impressive how quickly they got up and running there, as compared to Tio Pio and Pronto Pizza.

    2. Z-7 Cafe is an AWFUL name for a cafe.

  • The store is beautiful but how many places in a two block area do we need where one can buy a muffin, coffee, breakfast entrees and nice pastries?

    La Bagel across the street is all that is really needed (as F. Martinella’s quickly discovered).

    There a dozen food carts that make a mean egg and cheese on a roll.


    But I do wish them well.

  • It’s places like Yogo Monster that give/gave Park Slope a bad reputation: all that space and infrastructure dedicated to expensive milky slush.

    In other words, I hope the other branch disappears, too…

  • I went inside yesterday… granted, it’s new, so they will probably change some things in a bit, but I see no reason to go back. Just your average sandwich/simple-diner-type food, with what looks like an emphasis on dessert. But, nothing I actually wanted to buy. I doubt I’m their intended market, though.

  • I ate there twice last week. The first day I had some type of Greek salad with anchovies which was very good. I stopped back a few days later, my first three choices they didn’t have, so I had a pastrami on rye which was good.The price is okay. The place seems clean. I work in the area and there aren’t that many places where I like to eat.