Timber Shed Gets Reinforced

In May of 2009, after decades of neglect by the Federal Government and years of wrangling among preservationists and Navy Yard officials, it was announced that the Timber Shed and one of the historic residences on Admiral’s Row would be preserved while the nine other residences would be demolished to make way for, among other things, a supermarket. This past April, though, finding that the Shed was in worse structural shape than they originally thought, National Guard representatives said that it was possible that the historic structure would not be preserved but that it might instead be “something with the same footprint that is similar in type and feel,” a ridiculous idea in our opinion. Since then the site has been left to continue its decomposition, though concern about the brick wall along Navy Street led to the sidewalk being fenced off a few months ago. Then at the end of last week, a large new supporting structure went up along the wall. According to an n official at the National Guard, “it is being done so that in the event that the Timber Shed collapses, the large structure located only three feet within the wall, will not fall toward the street and injure anyone.” No word on the timeline for determining the final fate of the structure itself though. UPDATE: There is a meeting scheduled for November 17 with the “consulting parties” to discuss the future of the Shed.
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  • Oh, don’t get me started.

    Preservationists, about 30 years ago: We should preserve Admiral’s Row and the timber shed. The shed is the only one of its kind left, and an important piece of architectural and military history.

    Gov’t: Yeah, yeah. Whatever.

    Preservationists 10 years ago: Admiral’s Row is collapsing and the timber shed is too. We should restore them before it’s too late and the costs are prohibitive.

    Gov’t: It’s not our problem, we shunted this off to another branch of beaurocracy.

    Preservationists 5 years ago: We have to save the Row and the shed. They are all falling down, like we told you they would.

    Gov’t, whatever agency: We can’t afford it. They are too far gone. Besides, the people in the projects, whom we’ve never care about before, really need a supermarket. We’re putting it HERE.

    Preservationists last year: We have sustainable plans that could preserve at least some of the houses, the timber shed, and give room for a supermarket. Why won’t you even look at them?

    Gov’t & Navy Yard: We don’t need to see your plans, we know they won’t work. We’re doing what we want to do. Besides, as we told you 30 years ago, the buildings are falling down.

    Preservationists last week: The timber shed won’t last the winter. Are you going to save it or not? You said you would, but you wouldn’t let us get in there to do it.

    Gov’t and Navy Yard: No, can’t you see it’s falling down? We told you it would fall down. We’ve been watching it all fall down for the last 30 years. We told you so, and now it’s true. Tell you what. Because we feel so bad about this, we’ll build a new one that will look just like the old one, and we’ll put a plaque on it that says, “this looks like the historic timber shed that used to stand here.” How’s that working for you?”

    Preservationists: $*(($&#(*#^$*&&&_@))#@*)(*&@%%

  • And the Brooklyn Navy Yard Corporation isn’t blameless here either…

    Their tune of “it’s not our property, so we can’t do anything”… has been taken even further…

    A few years ago, going to Open House New York at the Navy Yard meant you learned about the Hospital, The head surgeon’s quarters, admirals row, etc…

    Now they distribute maps with admirals row labelled “Federal Land”… and they won’t take you to the hospital or surgeons quarters (which are being renovated into a new media center… or some crap). And all they want to show you is they rent commercial spaces.

    It’s disgusting how everyone has turned their backs on the history of this area, for dollars.

    BTW, no-one in the projects wants a supermarket… they saw how well fairway in redhook is doing and realized that admirals row is directly next to two bridges and the BQE…. if it were for the projects next door it wouldn’t need such a massive parking lot.

  • This topic appears to have lost traction on Brownstoner.