392 Atlantic Ramps Up and Tops Off

Wow… that was really fast! After stop-and-go construction (not helped by a Stop Work Order) since 2007, things really started moving at 392 Atlantic Avenue in July. Now the building—which is slated to have six residential units—has reached its full height and has its windows in. Wonder if it’s gonna end up rental or condo.
Small Steps at 392 Atlantic Ave. [Brownstoner]
Development Watch: 392 Atlantic Ave. [Brownstoner] GMAP DOB

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  • I think the problem with today’s architecture is those freaking grilles, fedders boxes under all the windows.

    Can’t they just design buildings without them like they used to, and make regular windows that you can put an A/C in the window….

    the grilles really make the facade of the buildings look really shitty.

  • “Sale date 7/26/2009…Sale price $610,000” – P*Shark


    20 x 62 x 4 = 4,960 SF
    6 res (average about 600 SF), 1 comm
    $500-1,000/SF to build
    $3.09 to 5.57 mil total cost
    $441K to 795K per unit to sell B4 profit
    $2,300/mo to $4,143/mo to rent B4 profit


    ***Bid half off peak comps***

  • Ya know ‘topping off’ used to apply to real buildings. like 50 stories? Topping off sound funny in a 2-3 story POS>

  • BHO,

    When this property was sold it was basically a vacant lot, but with the foundation work already done by a prior owner. If your FAR calculation is right, the buyer bought the property for about $122 per buildable foot ($610,000 divided by 4,960 sf). That’s a pretty good price considering that the foundation work was already done. The $500-$1,000 psf buildout cost you use seems very high to me, but I’ve never contracted work for new construction.