25 Carroll Street Launches

Back in the summer we blogged about 25 Carroll’s conversion into 17 loft residences. Well, the masonry and heavy timber building just launched its sales process and the listings are now posted on the project’s website. At the low end, an 869-square-foot studio space is selling for $475,000. For the deeper-pocketed buyer, $1,449,000 will get you a two-bedroom and office with 1,987 interior square feet and 1,148 outdoor square feet of space. Whaddya think?
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  • Some of the bedrooms on the B line have no closets. WTF is with that?

  • Beautiful project. Tough location.

  • Yeah, that’s going to be one hell of a hike to the train from there.

  • no closets mean out gay.

    only lower class people need to worry about taking trains.

    great views from the rooftop.

  • I visited the development. The deck views were beautiful. Some of the units were on the small side. About a mile away from the subway.

  • I like the layouts, not that bad, considering today’s apartments. You can actually place furniture to make it look nice. The 3 bedroom on 4th and 5th floor are really good. I am not feeling why they changed the regular brown double hung windows to the lower sash being smaller with no screen…..not loving that….

    I also like the timbers in the apartment, but not loving a white bathroom and kitchen though, but that can be changed.

    I do however like the area, a little desolate, but that works for me…..plus now that the park is being done, it’s a hop skip to be there. I do not use public trans as I have a car, so that is not a problem…..

    I did get the invite to the open house on the 21st and will try to attend……I want to see the 3 bedroom apartments…..

  • good developer, cool area, much more on columbia street than used to be, easy to park five to fairway!

  • Oh awesome! I have long wondered what was going on w that building- it’s seemed vacant for so long. I guess I totally missed your initial coverage. Hopefully I’ll get to go to the party! whoo hoo

  • Love it. And I love loft space. I’ve been hearing great things about this building. Definitely going to check it out. I’ve been hanging out on Columbia Street lately — went to a couple of great bars close to this building, and restaurants too. I’m no longer put off by the idea of living on the other side of the BQE (considering 1BBP too), nor does the walk inhibit me.

  • If you don’t need to live near a train, this building looks decent. I like the exterior, and the layouts aren’t bad. Being on that side of the BQE is a deal-breaker for many though (myself included).

  • Layouts look useful,lots of windows and the loos look great.

  • “I’m no longer put off by the idea of living on the other side of the BQE” – as opposed to what? living under it where you do now?

  • What startled me was how QUIET this area is compared to the Brooklyn Heights promenade! The sound from the BQE must travel up, not down. It is far more peaceful and closer to the water down here. Anyone considering Brooklyn Heights should come see what I mean.

  • Pete, since you turned me away, cobble was good enough to take me in, so I live in a tent on her deck and not under the BQE. 😛

  • very interesting deal re timing on acquisiton, variance, permits, etc.

  • I love the white bathrooms! And the kitchens are great space and voerall layout nto to mentio the ones that have private gardens.

    What I dont like is the renderings og the gardens I would hope that was optional

    and come on people tRack lighting.. No!

    I dont get the far from subway thing at all – people just walk and that area is actually really nice.

  • I think they should have kept the windows like the original as pictured in the old photos, with the panes split in two.
    I think the windows look too modern for this type of structure. that is a deal breaker for me.

  • The distance to the subway is so overblown on this thread. I live on the other side of the BQE and the walk to the subway is 10 minutes at a good clip. It is an awesome neighborhood and I would not live anywhere else.