New Bike Racks for Fulton Street

More good news from the FAB Alliance, the BID for Fulton Street in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill: Over this past weekend, DOT installed 59 new bike racks along Fulton Street between Clinton and Classon Avenues. Locations included in front of Met Foods, Sister’s Hardware, Outpost Lounge, the Post Office at Cambridge Place and in front of Kush and elsewhere on Putnam Avenue. Great stuff!

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  • Good news, but whatever happened to those more fancy bikeracks (that looked like a stylized bike?) Much better aesthetically.

  • good news. and oh my – I personally am so thankful for a simple functional bike rack design over the cartoonish decorative stuff.

  • I am impressed by the BID more and more. From the overall cleanliness of the sidewalks on Fulton, to the new trees to these new bike racks, a lot of positive physical changes have come to the neighborhood in a short period of time. Hoping that they keep up the momentum. Wonder how the anti-BID store owners are feeling now? Have any of these improvements altered their stance? Certainly the Met has come around.

  • Last night I parked outside of The Fulton Grand. I did not see a bike rack so I used the street sign. I am glad to hear there will be more bike parking and I appreciate the two that were placed on Fulton outside of FoodTown recently. Thanks!

  • This is very good news. Wasder, what is the role of the BID here? These are Department of Transportation expenditures, I believe. I am really interested in trees being planted on Fulton. Can they facilitate that. I think that is part of the Street Beautification program the city has.