Tuesday Links

Critics Blast Stricter Homeless Rules [NY Times]
P.S. 67 Students Struggle on State Tests [NY Times]
Pigeon Lover May Lose Nest [NY Post]
Brooklyn Yeshiva Sues City for Wedding Crackdown [NY Daily News]
Armenia’s Lavash Only Found in Sheepshead Bay [NY Daily News]
Brooklyn Teen Killed in Streetcorner Ambush [NY Daily News]
Marty Gets His Water Meter Installed [Brooklyn Eagle]
Anti-Bike Vigilante Gluing Locks [Brooklyn Paper]
Photo by Eugene Gannon from the Brownstoner Flickr Pool

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  • daveinbedstuy

    Screw the pigeons. here’s Molly the Owl….


  • daveinbedstuy

    The sidewalk on Bedford Avenue and the surrounding streets is indeed filled with chained-up bikes, especially near train lines like the L at N. Seventh Street. Locking a bike on a city-provided racks is legal, but locking a bike to any other post, like a parking sign or bus stop sign, is not. And that, plus the handful of bikes that appear to be abandoned, has the Crusader railing.

    “We need to clear the sidewalk for people in wheelchairs and people getting out of cars,” the Crusader said, adding that the vigilante “never wanted to turn to this,” but “the Yuppies … have turned this beautiful neighborhood into an eyesore. Watch out for your locks.”

    This is why I rarely get overly passionate about any of these things that I may believe in…becasues some nutjob will come along and take it to a much higher level. :)

  • Hmm, gluing a lock making it hard to remove the bike because you don’t want bikes there? Genius. I predict/hope that this guy will have a foot smash his face while he’s crouched down gluing locks.

    And Armenian lavash is found in other places in bklyn, not like the daily news is useful though.

  • Kensingtonian

    Lavash is made fresh in few other places…Daily News should really do some research before posting this crap.

  • Too bad the city didn’t send out such high-profile crews as they did to Marty Markowitz’s house, when they went around installing the AMR devices on buildings in the historic districts. They drilled those things willy-nilly into the most obtrusive places on some nice old facades.

  • daveinbedstuy

    Northheights, they’re city employess, specifically the water department. What did you expect???

  • putting glue in peoples bike locks is just wrong. i prefer to just wipe my boogers on their seats.


  • “There is a bike crisis. Every pole in the neighborhood is littered with them. … These Yuppies are running the whole damn city, and I’m left to my own devices.”

    “but the Yuppies have turned this beautiful neighborhood into an eyesore.”

    Yuppies don’t live in Williamsburg.

  • chickenoid23

    i saw a guy once actually letting his dog piss on someone’s helmet that was chained to the bike.

  • Expert-

    Williamsburg is very Yuppie these days. Who do you think is moving into all the new luxury housing?

    Not all Bros and young Bankers can afford to live in the East Village. There are many pink polo popped collars on Bedford this Summer.

  • I would read the article at The Brooklyn Paper, but I don’t want to give them any additional traffic. They’ve lost the most decent reporters they’ve had, and they ignore the parts of Brooklyn that need attention. Oh wait…