More Toys “R” Us Pop-Ups In Store

Earlier this week the Brooklyn Paper wrote that Toys “R” Us would be opening a seasonal store in the old Sid’s Hardware space on Jay Street. (We wrote up that news, when it was still a rumor, a month ago.) Now it’s looking like that may not be the only pop-up store the toy giant has planned for Brooklyn. Based on a tip, we snapped these photos yesterday evening of two stores currently undergoing transformation—the old Blockbuster video on Flatbush (pictured left) and the old Jeans Express store (right) on 11th Street and 5th Avenue. Looks like they’ll be here just in time for holiday shoppers.
Toys “R” Us Planning Brooklyn Pop Up? [Brownstoner]
Toys “R” Us Coming to Downtown! [BK Paper] GMAP

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  • I saw them stocking the one on 5th Ave around 7am today. Almost went home to get my camera and go back and get a pic…you beat me to it!

    It will be interesting to see how this one on 5th does w/ Neergaard’s 2nd floor toy store being so close by.

  • lol what on earth does neergard’s 2nd floor toystore sell? pop up shops are always like 20% marked up tho. only lazy people shop at them.


  • Neergaard has a TON of toys up there. Some basic type toys, a lot of…how to describe it…I don’t know what word to use. You need to see it to understand it. Also, DII on the corner of 5th and 9th has a lot of cheap toys as well. Between that and Neergaard, this Toys-R-Us may have a not so easy time here unless folks are dead set on shopping at a TRU and look at this as a great way to do it without having to set foot in Manhattan. I’ll definitely check it out although most toy shopping I do for my niece and nephew takes place online (Auntie Snappy SUCKS at gift wrapping!).

  • quote:
    Also, DII on the corner of 5th and 9th has a lot of cheap toys as well


    that is my FAV. store in park slope btw. im sure most people want it to go away and be turned into some giant yuppie wine bar playpen or an apple store. hopefully that place stays, it’s the best.


  • Back during my kids’ toy-buying phase, we were regular customers at Save-On-Fifth.

    The Toys R Us at Albee Square was maybe the most ghetto store I’ve ever been in.

  • Snappy, completely different market. TRU pop-ups don’t charge a premium. It’s same prices as regular TRUs and they are pretty successful. There are no big TRU stores in the area and the only close comparison is Target toy section so pretty much they’ll have enough business during holiday season to be profitable. TRU makes most of their money in Nov/Dec so temp. locales are great for this purpose. They also will carry this year’s hottest items that Neegards or DII will not have (trust me on this one).

  • quote:
    They also will carry this year’s hottest items that Neegards or DII will not have (trust me on this one).

    well duh. why would anyone think otherwise? but i bet Toys R Us doesnt still sell hannah montana flavored lip gloss anymore! thank you DII!


  • What exactly does hannah montana taste like????

  • They also set up a Toys R Us pop up store in Bed Stuy, on Fulton St, between Nostrand and Bedford, in the former Carver Bank.

  • Kens, I know it’s an entirely different market. But, when people are on a budget and still dealing with job losses/pay cuts, etc., discretionary spending gets hit hard and those ‘must have’ toys quickly become ‘maybe I’ll buy it for the crumbsnatchers’ or instead of getting all those ‘must have’ items, they’ll get one of those and the rest of the gift pile is made up of the cheaper no-name stuff from DII or classic items that can be found in Neergaard. And, as you mentioned, Target has pretty much the same stuff they do, and the prices are consistently cheaper. I tend to look at TRU’s site, find a toy using their guides based on age/gender/etc. and then go get it at Target *for less.*

  • BTW, The Toys R Us Express stores are not just pop up stores.

    The ones that do well, stay open as permanent Toys R Us Express stores.

    Otherwise, these will be open Sept – end of January.

    I suspect one of the Park Slope locations may become permanent…should do quite well.

  • Snappy, most people will tend to disagree based on Toy market volumes past couple of years. ‘must have’ toys are not correlated with expensive toys. We have a really hot toy coming into the market this year at $12.99 retail which will probably hottest toy of the year but we won’t know until the end of the year but so far so good. They’re flying off shelves like hot cakes. Target is not always cheaper and their 5 isle toy section is no comparison to TRU selection.

  • Kens! When’s the last time you looked at Target’s toy section at Atlantic Center??? Much, much larger than 5 aisles! And yes, must have doesn’t always equal more expensive, but in my experience of sending the monthly care packages to the niece and nephew, Target prices always beat TRU. Could just be a matter of the toys I’m buying though. I don’t believe in buying video games and toys that require no imagination or provide no learning or social aspect. For things that don’t fit that bill, TRU may in fact be comparable or cheaper.

  • Snapster, I can be a much cheaper option :o). You should use your connects once in a while.

    Atlantic Center prolly has more mini isles. If you combine them, it’ll be like 5 normal isles.

  • LOL Kens! Got any Hanna Montana and iCarly? 😉

  • By InsertSnappyNameHere on August 4, 2010 10:54 AM

    “monthly care packages to the niece and nephew”

    Monthly?!?! Boy was I born into the wrong family.

  • Snappy, let’s make it a private convo but we don’t do those 2 :o(.

  • I predict much sanctimonious moaning and gnashing of teeth re: the park slope location, although the same people won’t mind at all if there’s a toys r us in downtown brooklyn.

  • Sparafucile, they live 7 hours away and I rarely get to see them so I just gotta spoil ’em rotten :-) Besides, it’s an Auntie’s job to do so – I’m known as the Supreme Gift Giver and I shall not lose my title! Truthfully though, in each package, one or two things come from Target or an online toy store, the rest from local dollar stores or cheap places like DII.

  • And where are we on February 1?

  • quote:
    I don’t believe in buying video games and toys that require no imagination or provide no learning or social aspect.

    ha. i dont think id like you as my auntie.


  • they’ll do holiday business and then bail from most all stores, chain in shrinking and this is a method to do so they pay almost no rent

  • Snappy, as resident spoiler of “the Heir”, I agree. I try to buy my nephew books and old fashioned toys, toys that take imagination, art kits, games, etc. Haven’t had any complaints yet, and his parents appreciate it, too. There are plenty of other people in his life to buy him the plastic trucks and all the other stuff he has. I also hate to go to places like Toys R Us, especially at Christmas. I went to the one that used to be downtown once, and ran screaming from there. What a mess.