Rat Squirrel House Gets a Dumpster

149 Kane Street, or the Rat Squirrel House as it is affectionately known, has gotten a lot of attention on the blogs in recent years, even making it into Curbed’s list of the 11 Most Frightening Buildings last year. More recently (in June), Bococaland spied peope carting out “some nasty old junk.” And just this morning a tipster snapped this photo of the dumpster being delivered. There is currently both a Full Vacate Order and Stop Work Order on the property, though it looks like a permit was issued for remedial repairs back in April. This could mean progress, people! GMAP

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  • I’m willing to bet the dumpster is actually for 147 Kane, which recently closed. Looks like the new owners are getting ready to reno. From what I remember of the listing, they have a lot of charm to work with.

  • I’ve seen the “eccentric” owner going in there recently. Looked like she was still rotating junk in and out. Didn’t seem to me like anything new was up.