Crown Heights Getting Oaxaca Taqueria

A reader snapped this picture of Oaxaca Taqueria signage going up on Prospect Place between Franklin and Classon. The Mexican joint just opened in March on 4th Avenue, and has another location on Smith Street. Crown Heights peeps must be psyched! GMAP

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  • love it. cant complain about more retail – even if some turn out to be duds. greater retail density & diversity would be great for any hood.

  • ha! i went to the one in park slope on 4th ave once. i was perplexed tho because everyone who worked in there was literally like in the 4th grade or something. totally strange. im talking like literally. hahahah


  • oaxaca is pretty good. this plus chavella’s (and maybe chavella’s owners’ new gig, if it’s mexican) will make for a nice little node of good mexican eating in the area.

  • Chevella’s is right there. And that place on Washington Avenue across from Sit & Wonder is pretty good; perhaps enough Mexican for the PH/CH border, eh?

  • there were NO mexicans working at the one in park slope either. it was little white children. i kid you not!!


  • oaxaca (at least on smith) is more of a takeout taqueria than chavella’s. not a fan of the place on washington, and in PH proper there is also maya and pequena. but in my experience they are all slightly different, and i think there will be a market for oaxaca especially if they deliver. chavella’s is so slammed on nights and weekends that their overflow alone could probably keep oaxaca afloat.

  • “Crown Heights peeps must be psyched!”

    I wouldn’t go quite that far. It’s not like there aren’t other Mexican restaurants in Brooklyn. In any case, best of luck to the owners.

  • Their beef cheek tacos are awesome

  • i think this is great. i actually really like Crown Heights North, and know folks that live around there. it’s got great rental deals.

  • So winelover, you should come to the CHN House tour on Oct.2