Interim Bike Path for Brooklyn Bridge Park?

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We were biking down Furman Street yesterday and were pleased to notice a new bike lane on the southern stretch of the street; we were even more intrigued to follow the bike lane as it turned in towards the water at the MTA building and find that it led to what appears to be a newly constructed bike lane running through the incomplete portions of Brooklyn Bridge Park. It looks to us like this means there could be a Greenway connector between Piers 1 and 6 well before Piers 2 through 5 are open to the public. That would be very sweet indeed.

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  • and much needed to rein in the crazy wrong way street cyclying going on on furman st.

  • Remember, parks are primarily for pedestrians!!!

  • You are not allowed to ride your bike inside the park at Pier 1 FYI

  • To all of you who rail against counterflow cyclists
    “Paris threw open nearly one thousand one-way streets to two-way traffic this week — that is, for travelers willing to pedal. Whereas other cities such as Boulder and London have created a handful of designated counterflow bike lanes, the new rules taking effect in Paris this week allow bicyclists to cycle upstream against automobile traffic within all of the city’s 30 kilometer-per-hour zones”

    Vive la France!!!

  • hope they don’t put gravel on top of it!

  • “Remember, parks are primarily for pedestrians!!!”

    typical elitist nonsense. just stay in philly will you?!

  • everything between Pier 1 and Pier 6 along Furman is temporary subject to what approach is finally taken for the reconstruction of the BQE cantilever. DOT has been kicking that can down the road for some time but at some point, probably after a tractor trailer falls through the roadway, something will need to be done. Once the stretch of the BQE is shut for reconstruction, an alternate artery running along the edge of the park will need to be built for the duration of the highway reconstruction.

  • There is no *crazy* wrong-way cycling that needs to be reined in. Furman Street is incredibly wide and underused. They should extend that bike lane the entire length of Furman because the lane through the park will probably be hard to use for commuting due to pedestrians, tourists, casual bikers, etc. Not a problem that it would be used by them, but if there’s space for a commuter lane on Furman, it would cut down on collisions/angst.

  • If parks are for pedestrians, then bike paths are for…. yeah, BIKES, so stay off ’em.

  • there won’t be much vive going on if the counterflow accident stats match those in other countries studies. more morte.

  • Exactly, slopenick. The Columbia St bike path is now a disaster of nannies and toddlers, nearly impossible to navigate on a bike.

  • slopenick, I think things would get better if they just entirely separated bike-lanes and people paths.

  • nothing is -impossible- to navigate on a bike.

    just slow down and go around.

    that’s what a polite cyclist would do.

    your mileage may vary.

  • dittoburg: we agree! I’m definitely not a fan of mixed bike/ped paths. Just leads to a lot of bikes hating walkers and walkers hating bicyclists.