Bertha Lewis May Be Rethinking The Smacker She Gave Bruce Ratner Now

Based on this post from Atlantic Yards Report, it doesn’t sound like the non-profit’s constituents are going to be able to afford any of the apartments at Atlantic Yards.

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  • Well, there’s a shocker.

    In other news of the unforeseeable, the sun rose this morning.

  • No worries. I’m sure Mr. Goldstein will help subsidize these folks with his recent windfall.

  • Sure that kiss came with a nice check for Bertha, so she’s fine, as she always was.

  • Well, well. What an unexpected surprise. NOT! Not a single person screaming for an affordable apartment in those early rigged rallies will be able to afford one, which is what I’ve said since day one. I’d be interested in knowing how many jobs to minority construction workers, as promised to the BUILD organization happened, too. Probably a few, but nowhere near the amounts they were promised or led to believe they would be getting. Pretty disgraceful.

    Snarky! Haven’t seen you in a long time. Welcome back! We miss you.

  • Thanks MM. I haven’t been around here much lately, but I do pop in now and again.

  • All the details about what the “affordable” apartments will rent for — based on size and income level — are available on AY Report. They make for pretty sobering reading.

    I recall quite early in this whole horrible business that FCR held an informational session for prospective tenants. A lot of people showed up from Fort Greene, Bed Stuy, and Crown Heights. When the numbers were unveiled (including the fact that there’s a MINIMUM income requirement of 15k pa, yet families earning up to $131k would still be eligible), and people saw what they actually be paying, there was a a great deal of anger and frustration. FCR never tried that again!

    I also believe that Acorn’s agreement with FCR involved FCR promising to pay a “fine” of $500k if they reneged on the affordable housing. Can we say “drop in the bucket”? Great negotiating, Bertha!

  • How do people take the AYR seriously. Did any of you people even read the post. It is literally, verbal masturbation – there is nothing new, revealed or changed going on – all the post is, is a rambling mix of speculation, false conclusions and more ramblings.

    It is very simple – the term ‘affordable’ has a very specific meaning under these types of programs – it isnt Ratner who defines the definitions nor is it Ratner that calculates the Area Median Income from which all the definitions flow. So if the AMI went up (and thereby rents) since the project was 1st announced – blame Dan Goldstein. As for the breakdown of how much of various tiers of ‘affordability’ will be available, nothing new has been announced or revealed.

  • That’s right, there’s nothing new in the AYR, because it’s exactly what the opposition has been pointing out all along – the AMI used, incorporating Long Island as well as Westchester, Putnam, and Rockland counties meant that these appartments would be affordable to just about NONE of the people promised. Thank you for admitting that you knew this all along fsrg – your disingenuousness is charming.

  • Nothing new go announced. Just that some people only recently started paying attention. Some of us have been paying attention all along.

    We taxpayers got royally #$#ed by this scam. And we’ll continue to be bled dry by this project for decades.