Wednesday Links

One Brooklyn Prosecutor Behind Many Terrorism Convictions [NY Times]
Mayor Leans Toward a Smoking Ban at Parks and Beaches [NY Times]
Popular Brooklyn Blog Expanding with RE Listings [NY Post]
BRIC Relocating to Dumbo During Renovation [NY Post]
Reality Show About Brooklyn Scrap Metal Guys [NY Daily News]
Cobble Hill Couple Jonesing for Norah’s Windows [Brooklyn Paper]
Radioactive Waste Plant in W’burg May Have To Move [Brooklyn Eagle]
Bklyn Property Owners Accused of Race Bias [Crain’s]
Cuomo: Brooklyn Landlords Discriminated Against Potential Tenants [NY1]
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  • It is truly pathetic that anyone could get up in arms over the windows at Norah’s house.

    Wah!, it doesn’t fit in with the 1830’s egalitarian aesthetic.

    SHUT UP!

  • there’s something very trashy about smoking on the beach, ive always felt that way when ive lit up at the beach ahhaha. but a ban on smoking in public parks? um no, that’s taking it too far. playgrounds? yeah sure, no problem with smoking being banned in children’s playgrounds, but if i cant enjoy a cigarette sitting on the bench in prospect park in a semi secluded area writing in my journal or reading a book with my dog then honestly i see absolutely no point of going there. what a f’ing lame nanny state we have become. funny how they want to do something about smoking, but nothing about the illegal BBQ’s, people dumping all there trash all over, the ho-bag cruising that goes on, and the dogs off leashes :-/

    *f* u bloomberg, f-ck you right in the ear. i havent bought a 13 dollar pack of cigarettes since the prices went up, but somehow im managing to still smoke hmmm and you are getting none of the taxes.


  • Ever walk by someone outside when it’s like 90 degrees and they are smoking??

    Ban it.

    people with side window issues really need to seek professional help.

  • Ban it because SOME people have no manners? that’s ridiculous. might as well ban everything then because people are all sorts of inconsiderate with various things. ban soda then because people throw the cans on the ground.


  • I really hate when smokers smoke and walk at the same time. Please cut that shit out!

    ***Bid half off peak comps***

  • BHO, I always accelerate past them as quickly as possible and then slow down to cruising speed.

  • i hate having to see dirty man toes walking around in flip flops on dirty nyc streets. please cut that shi+ out!


  • Ever walk by motorized vehicle outside when it’s like 90 degrees and it is emitting exhaust?

    Ban them.

  • Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And there will be no eating of high fat foods in public places either.

  • People who don’t wear deoderant will be sent home.

  • Anyone who swears in a public park will be arrested.

    Think of the children.

  • Mopar – saracastic you may be, but a pet peeve of mine is parents in playgrounds whose every third word is s$1t.

  • I’m going out for a walk now. Bringing my Newports!

  • i dont know why, but i love the fact that me and ENY smoke the same brand.


  • I love the fact that Rob and 11217 live in the same neighborhood

  • I don’t smoke, but I am just completely appalled, disgusted, and horrified by the idea of banning smoking outdoors.


  • mopar, to be clear, its not banning smoking outdoors. Its banning smoking outdoors on certain city property. Like Rob, I don’t see why it should be banned it parks. But on the beach it seems people think the whole place is an ashtray. Also, on hot days many people are in close confines at the beach. I think a better solution would be a smoking and a non-smoking portion of the beach. Being outdoors, that would work in a way that it can’t, for obvious reasons, work indoors.