Closing Bell: Beat the Heat Flea

After this week in the heat, you owe yourself a nice weekend. Tomorrow is going to drop to the low 80s, perfect for an afternoon at The Flea in Fort Greene. And for Sunday, just enjoy the afternoon in the A/C at One Hanson. Things to look forward to this weekend include The Brooklyn Salsa Company, new antiques and vendors to check out Saturday, and of course, lots of summer vintage clothes. Map and directions are here.
Photo by yaliethepooh

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  • 3.50 for a popsicle?

    > rolls eyes <

  • maybe it’s an absolute brooklyn popsicle.

  • Sounds great, d_h. The only problem is, if there is enough vodka in it to make it worthwhile, it won’t freeze.

  • im setting up shop next door. 2.75 a pop

  • grrrrr even the ironic, popcicle stick shaped, plywood sign makes me cringe….

    oh well, must be time for a drink.

  • nevermind the insane price, look at the flavors… raspberry basil? get the fZ#ck outta here with that. ick. tho people say balsamic vinigarette is good on ice cream too… i ddont know about that..

    it is funny how people are willing to pay these crazy prices for the most mundane of things with a little lipstick added.. so i guess more power to the sellers hahah ill buy my ice pop at the bodega down the street for 50 cent.


  • I think this image perfectly captures all that is wrong with the flea. Commoditizing popsicles to conform to a particular nauseating type of new school Brooklynite that will gladly get fleeced for a $4 ice cube. The young couple ‘interviewed’ the other day for the Gowanus Canal project seem like prototypical examples. So is this site. While I understand the balancing act that must accompany John’s efforts to make a living, Brownstoner continues to perpetuate a certain image of Brooklyn that is, by and large, a gross distortion. Brownstoner, there is a whole nother world out there and hint hint, you don’t speak their language. If you want to interest anyone other than the 20 or so regular posters on this site, you should try to relate more to those around you.

  • I know I’m a gentrifying yuppie hipster hell bent on the destruction of Brooklyn, but these are delicious.