Ambitious Plans for Two New Waterfront Piers

The Bloomberg administration wants a private company to build two large new piers on the Greenpoint waterfront. Yesterday, the city’s Economic Development Corp. began soliciting bids to create for the two projects, reports The New York Post. One of the piers would be built on 18,000 square feet of mostly-submerged land at the end of Java Street; another would be at the end of India Street. Both would connect to the 14-mile Greenway. We look forward to responses that will seek to rejuvenate an underutilized portion of the Greenpoint waterfront and will allow local residents and visitors to access the waterfront, said David Lombino, an EDC spokesman.
City Bringing Two Piers to Greenpoint [NY Post]

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  • “The Java Street pier would allow for smaller vessel docking,” —— that would be grand, a marina of some sort for smaller sail- and powerboats, say under 30 feet.

    They’d certainly need a breakwater of some sort—vessel traffic on the East River is not like the Hudson, but it’s still busy; and really, the East River is essentially a tidal strait that runs like hell either to the Atlantic or the Long Island Sound. Drop a kayak in there and you’ll get sucked out to Hell Gate or the Verrazano is a heartbeat.

    Anyway, all for it, man. Most of us forget we’re surrounded by water that’s a total blast to explore, fish, etc.

  • This is a good idea. If only the could have anothwer good idea and rezone the waterfront for low rise housing, retail and restaurants. not the current 40-story monster thats planned for there.

  • low rise housing along the waterfront? um no. do you realize how insanely expensive that crap would be? if you want that, move to edgewater new jersey. also do they have to make EVER pier a total cheese fest? will adults without children even be allowed at these new piers?


  • um yes. Don’t think you PS snobs are the only ones entitled to low-rise housing.

  • has anyone been to Barge Park up there off Commercial?

  • DH its all tarmac – for playing hoops only.

  • “DH its all tarmac – for playing hoops only.”

    Gotcha – had never heard of it before until the northside fest a few weeks ago.