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  • Sorry to see this store go. It’s an interesting store and the owners/operators have always been super nice. I think I have the full pint glass collection (Brooklyn Bridge, Williamsburg Bank, BHOD + Parachite drop). Any missing?

  • @Boerum Hill: You’re missing Ebbets Field and I think one more. Steeplechase Park, maybe? We used to have all six, but we’ve broken all but two.

  • The 6th pint glass is the Soldiers and Sailors arch (Grand Army Plaza). I have it on good authority the pint glasses will continue (and with new designs) via the web and over at Brooklyn Tattoo where Adam Suerte resides (he designed them with Artezn owner Jessica Furst). Artezn’s last day coincides with the Atlantic Ave Artwalk this weekend, there are sure to be some deals to be had. I believe Artezn vendors are taking over the sidewalk around her shop with tables to sell stuff. Should not be missed if you dig the place, I am sure she’s trying to unload as much as possible. It was a great shop and a nice run.