Seating for Gino’s in PLG

The “foodification” of Prospect-Lefferts Gardens continues. We caught up with Gino this weekend, who was putting the finishing touches on “Gino’s Trattoria Bar and Restaurant,” the expansion of his brick oven pizzeria next door (emphasis his). Gino said the restaurant, at 548 Flatbush Avenue, should be open within the next few days but the liquor license may take another month. The pizzeria, one of three in Brooklyn run by Gino, has been in the neighborhood for 25 years. “The neighborhood is ready for a nice Italian restaurant,” he said.

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  • Somehow “foodification” implies that the places are foodie-worthy. I’ve been to Enduro and have eaten take out from the other 2 or 3 PLG places and they are decidedly not foodie spots. Or does “foodification” simply mean that one can now find food, regardless of the quality?

  • Excellent, looking forward to trying it out.

  • The interior of the new restaurant looks very nice. I’m looking forward to trying it.

    When I first moved to PLG there was an excellent Italian restaurant named Grotto d’Oro, but it’s been gone for at least 30 years.

    “Foodification” is relative. Personally, I try to avoid most “foodie” places (to my wife’s displeasure).

  • My husband and I ‘previewed’ the restaurant last Sunday night. We were the first (and only) customers, probably because we kept stopping by the pizzeria and pestering Gino to open the restaurant. So he did. The food was really good. We had gnocci with vodka sauce, tilapia francese and chicken marsala. Large portions. Very satisfying. We were served by Gino himself. He’s done a nice job with a long, narrow space. Warm colors and soft lighting. Purse hooks at the bar for the ladies – a nice touch, IMHO. He’s waiting for the air conditioning to be installed before ‘officially’ opening.

    While PLG isn’t a ‘foodie’ destination, we really needed a good sit-down-red-sauce Italian restaurant. This is definitely it. We’ll be back with our friends.

  • I’m with you, Bob. Most “foodie” spots are trendy, crowded, overpriced, and not really all that good. Give me a good, local place that I can go back to frequently over a “destination” restaurant any day.

  • King of Tandoor at 600 Flatbush is a good reataurant in PLG, It has great Indian food.

  • > Give me a good, local place that I can go back to frequently…

    I’m with babs and Bob.

  • I don’t know why some feel compelled to slam Enduro. We’re no slumps in eating fine food and we like Enduro’s food. As does the huge crowd they attract every night, obviously. The burgers at the new Lincoln Tavern next to Enduro are awesome. Truly excellent. Both of us think the burgers are as good if not better than burgers we get at way fancier more expensive foodie places and we know neighbors who say the same thing. I’m looking forward to trying the rest of the menu there.

  • “Foodie” spots are not “destination” spots. In fact, they are usually the least trendy spots around. But they have good food.

    Regardless, my point was not whether this place is what the residents of PLG really want (which seems to be whatever they happen to have at the moment, such an easy to please crowd!). My point was that red-sauce Italian, mediocre mexican, okay sushi, and plenty of roti does not seem to live up to the term “foodification.” Smith street was foodified, PLG is not.

  • Also the excellent selection at PLG’s new wine store, 65 Fen, contributes to “foodification” here. We have loved every wine we’ve purchased from there, it’s all very well selected by its owner Michael. He has a wine tasting party nearly every weekend. Stop by. It’s a good way to meet some PLG locals. 65 Fen has a Facebook page for info.

  • Don’t waste your time on Shillstoner, Traditionalmod. For some unfathomable reason he seems to really get off on slamming PLG — no matter the subject and no matter that he rarely speaks from direct and current experience when it comes to our neighborhood. Check out his posting history and that’s all you need to know.

  • “Don’t waste your time on Shillstoner, Traditionalmod.”

    Ditto on that. Also, thanks Gale for giving us the scoop on Gino’s Trattoria. It looks like a fine place and now that I know the food is yummy, I will definitely go there with family and friends…a lot!

  • Oh please, are you really going with the hater theory? Please do look at my posting history. I often question the overinflated prices in the area, but I never say negative things about the area. Many of you seem to think that attacking an asking price is akin to attacking a neighborhood! As I’ve written many times, I have many friends in Lefferts Manor and spend lots of time there. I actually speak from very current experience. I think the only negative thing I’ve ever said about the hood was about a specific house, which my good friends sold because they found the location unlivable. In the above case, saying that the area isn’t “foodified” isn’t attacking the neighborhood.

  • I had dinner at Ginos on their second night (Thursday). I expected to find food that was adequate, but not much more; my expectations were GREATLY exceeded. It’s really very, VERY good. We were six people. We split a couple of large appetizers–cold antipasto and a hot sampler, which were excellent. I had a special of home-made tricolor pasta Alfredo which was delicious, as was my wife’s shrimp franchese. This is a restaurant we’ll return to often. Is it a “destination” restaurant? Perhaps not, but it’s up to the level of Patsy’s, in E. Harlem, which has long been our favorite “red sauce” Italian place.

  • We had a wonderful Father’s Day dinner at Ginos last Sunday; I’m SO glad they opened!