Prospect Heights Saloon Opens Next Week

Thursday, May 27 marks the grand opening for Branded Saloon, the new bar on the corner of Vanderbilt and Bergen. The owner is Debra Bicknese, of Beast across the street, and according to the Village Voice, “The vision for 603 Vanderbilt Avenue was of a country-and-western bar serving up brown liquors, craft beers, and fried Dixieland treats.” On the Brooklynian boards, commenter Whatchuwant says, “I was in there last night (friends with one of the owners)- it’s really cool, the downstairs is going to be awesome and the bathrooms are amazing! … Oh, yea and the Saloon will have food, too!”
UPDATE: Beast‘s Debra Bicknese is one of three owners, including first-time bar owner & multi-media artist Gerard Kouwenhoven and real-estate broker & entrepreneur Alex Savoie. GMAP
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