Pier 1 Concession Winners Announced

pier-1-concessions-050610.jpgBrooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation has just announced the winners of the Pier 1 food concessions. From the press release:

The four vendors will be located throughout the newly opened Pier 1 section of the park. Ditch Plains will be located in the gatehouse at the entrance to Pier 1, and will serve park goers a variety of sandwiches, hot dogs, French fries, snack foods, drinks, and desserts. Nearby in the entrance plaza, Pier 66 Maritime‘s seasonal wine bar will give visitors a chance to relax in front of park and waterfront views…Calexico Carne Asada, which has two popular food carts in SoHo as well as a Brooklyn restaurant, will launch their first food cart in the borough at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Calexico will locate on the northern edge of Pier 1’s Bridge View Lawn, serving tacos, quesadillas, and other Mexican-style fare. Rounding out the Pier 1 food concessions at the southern edge of the Harbor View Lawn will be Brooklyn-based Blue Marble Ice Cream, known for their famous organic ice cream flavors as well as other prepared foods.

We hacked out the map above with the approximate locations, but be warned it’s not an official map from the Park brass. What do you think of the choices?

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  • Peter Luger’s should have a cart.

  • Can’t believe the Lobster Pound didn’t get a spot. I love Blue Marble (in fact I wish the Uncle Louie G’s that just opened on Van Brunt were a Blue Marble outpost) but there’s already great ice cream at The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. I would rather have the lobster roll option personally. Maybe they’ll get a spot when Pier 6 opens. Fingers crossed . . .

  • awwww, i agree a lobster roll would have been welcome …

  • holy moly calexico – hope that doesn’t mean they’re getting rid of their broome st cart

  • Ooh and Nobu should have a cart too – Tasty Food and High Prices to keep the rabble away.

  • calexico is the da shit.

  • DH, you better give them some mad biz the next month or so – ensuring they wont bolt. kidding aside, this is an expansion. that soho spot is the money maker

  • YAY!!! 12 dollar a SCOOP ice cream!!


  • Rob, it’s only like $5 a scoop. 😉

  • quote:
    Tasty Food and High Prices to keep the rabble away.

    UGH! and i bet you aren’t even just trying to be funny.


  • im very happy with the choice of Calexico!

    When do these vendors start?
    Will they be there during lunch and evenings on the weekdays? :]

  • Have tourists annexed this park yet as an additional Grimaldi’s dining room?

  • quote:
    Tasty Food and High Prices to keep the rabble away.

    UGH! and i bet you aren’t even just trying to be funny.


    Actually I’m not that funny, but I was cracking wise on the “posh” selections. And yes I know they’re not really posh-posh but for a public NYC park those guys are posh.

    What’s the matter w/ dirty water Sabretts and Gino’s ices?

    A couple of dogs and sodas at Ditch Plains will run about $20. 3 cones at Blue Marble (which is delish) that’s close to another $20.

    Grabbing a bite to eat after your kid burns his skin off on the death orbs is an expensive proposition.

  • Mister Softee shoulda tried. I’m a lot happier buying my kids cheap crap ice cream a couple times a week and still being able to send them to college.

  • on second thought, I don’t want ML to call me a complainer. I’m all for whatever. Just open it already!

  • have they opened the toilets yet?

  • JB, that’s what the damn east river is for.

  • 20 dollars for 3 cones :-/ that’s just ridiculous. it’s actually sad that so many kids who will be at that park couldnt even dream to afford that. putting it in a public park like that is just plain cruel and totally elitist, but whatev, we all know who this park was really designed for even tho no one wants to say it. perhaps im being a grump about the issue, sorry…


  • quote:
    have they opened the toilets yet?

    are they pay toilets that only accept 10 dollar bills? complete with bidets?


  • a cone at blue marble is $3.89, FYI. not sure if they charge differently at their carts.

  • yeah but there is only ONE scoop on that cone. so even at 4 dollars (plus tax!) it’s still a gigantic rip off.


  • Before everyone gets their panties all up in a knot, let’s look at some actual fact instead of hysterical rants:

    Blue marble sells single scoops in a cone or cup for $3

    Calexico sells a Carne Asada Taco for $4

    Ditch Plains will be selling hot dogs for $3-4, depending on toppings

    Pier 66 Maritime charges about $7 for a glass of wine or $6 for a glass of beer in their existing restaurants.

    These are not only concessions for rich folks. These are very reasonably priced and in line with prices found at other park locations. Red Hook Lobster Pound on the other hand, typically charges $15 for a lobster roll. That could be why they weren’t chosen.

  • What stinks about ‘organic everything’ is that those who can’t afford it have to continue to buy what they always have but now have to feel like they are poisoning their kid or themselves by consuming the stuff that everyone else did – without any problems – before the organic invasion.

  • I don’t think the prices are higher than for comparable items sold by, say, carts in Central Park (talk about gouging) or that little cafe at the boathouse in Prospect Park. And you’re getting more value from the vendors that have been chosen for BBP–because they make really good food. I don’t see how anyone can complain about this news.

  • “These are not only concessions for rich folks. These are very reasonably priced and in line with prices found at other park locations.”

    I agree. if there was a Per Se or Jean Georges cart selling black truffle ice cream – okay, maybe you’d all have a point.

  • Anyone know how much the city gets for the concessions? Also, too bad we won’t get to see the lobster pound cart – the rendering was wacky.

  • jessi, thank you, you summed up what i feel about the whole thing in one simple sentance.


  • You’d be a fool to buy Blue Marble with The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory only steps away.

  • but blue marble ice cream tastes better, and it’s made using dairy from pastured cows: healthier for the cow, you, and the environment.

  • Sounds like it’s going to be the best of ‘nouveau bklyn’ – a borough sized tongue stuck out at Manhattan. “Look at us! We ain’t no South St. Seaport MALL. Yo, this is good eats!”