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  • 3 million to live in Bay Ridge? Sign me up!

  • that bay ridge house is amazing.

  • That Lincoln road house is not even in the historic district, to say nothing of the manor. True, it has parking, but it sits across from apartment buildings, which others on the blog have suggested is, well, less than ideal. 1.3M? I think not. Jobs are up but the Dow is whacked out. Anyone care to revisit the state of the post-tax incentive Brooklyn bubble now?

  • post-tax incentive refers to the 8k first time homeowners thing? if so, do you suppose that was at all meaningful in the brooklyn brownstone market?

  • Warren Street house very very nice!

    Ringo–totally. Can’t see too many people incentivized to buy by such a small figure compared to property values.

  • Solid asking price on Lafayette house. Maybe a tad on high side but good location and seems to be in decent shape. Would expect it to sell within 100 of ask.

  • sorry Househunt, the South side of Lincoln I is totally in the historic district.

    I can’t believe I beat Bob Marvin to the punch.

  • househunt,

    140 Lincoln Road is most definitely in both Lefferts Manor and the PLG Historic District, as is all of the south side of that block, except for the apartment bldg. at the SW corner of Lincoln and Flatbush.

    You can download a copy of the PLG HD Designation Report here:


  • Correction:

    The undesignated apt. bldg. is on the SE corner.

  • All great houses BUT they are all overpriced in my opinion.

  • FLH,

    You beat me by a whole minute. Congratulations :-)

  • Okay, so I was TOTALLY wrong about the boundaries within PLG. This is why I love this blog, since I learn so much from all of you. Nevertheless, I still think the price is far too high, especially across the street from a big apartment building. And, yes, I think the end of the 8,000 or so break was a catalyst in the last quarter, just as I know many who want to keep the max to 999 in order to save the 10% mansion tax, which is about 10,000.

  • Is this the going rate in PLG? Or is it somewhow bumped up because of all the extra BR’s in the attic?

  • 140 Lincoln sold for 1.2 in 2006 after being flipped twice (once at foreclosure at 430K in 2004 and then at 750K in 2005) – the people who bought it 2005 tastefully renovated it (but not to the tune of 500K!) but that was 2006. I don’t think it has appreciated since then. Wouldn’t like to be the sellers!

  • Much as I often gripe about my small kitchen, the suburban-style kitchen in the Lincoln Road house gives me the heeby-jeebies. I feel like I’d walk out that kitchen door and into New Jersey!

  • Park Sloper,

    I agree with you about the cheesiness of the Lincold Road kitchen… for so many reasons.

  • Price on PLG house is seriously crazy. They think the market is back above where it was in 2006. . .I don’t think so.
    They should be VERY happy to get $1.1M and get out of dodge without losing more.
    Nice house, though

  • So weird – literally just yesterday I said to my husband as we walked past this Lincoln Rd house it looks like it would be full of craftsmen details inside and I was dying to see it. Wish fulfilled! The photos barely scratch the surface of the details in there I’m sure, based on what I know of another nearby house. We walk that block of Lincoln day and night, early and late, going to and from the subway and we’ve never witnessed a bad noise situation there. In Summer residents from the apt building across the way do hang out, adults and children. There’s not music blasting all the time, just people enjoying the nice weather, people who aren’t privileged to have backyards. I know two different young white artists who rent on that block in nice prewar buildings they feel very fortunate to have found. Both those renters love the block and the neighborhood and they’re the ones living IN the buildings not just across from them! As always when buying go visit the block at all hours and see for yourself.

  • “Prestigious mansion” from a “bygone Victorian era” in Bay Ridge? I don’t think so. That’s a 1930s colonial revival. Dumbass broker.

  • It’s also directly across the street from a huge high school, Mopar.

  • That PLG house is over the top fabu-luxe.

  • Clinton Hill also very nice and price seems reasonable considering the quality.

  • The living room and dining room in the Lincoln Road house look great. The kitchen is perfectly workable though not exactly what I would have chosen if renovating. It looks like the bedroom photo with the red curtains is the top floor and it looks nice up there, with beautiful windows, not cramped attic. The “music room” and the two front doors seems odd–one door leading to an ante-room off the living room and another leading into the foyer. Anybody have an idea of the history of that? It doesn’t look like a service entrance since the foyer door is on the front of the house.

  • Clinton Hill seems a little high for a 2 BR lower duplex across from the high rises. If this was a widget, I’d appraise it at between 995K and $1.15M.

  • wasder, those few clinton hill houses on the “fringe” blocks are in contract and probably near the ask – so looks like you’re right again.

  • Clinton Hill isn’t the WHOLE house? Then I take back what I said. Priced way too high.

  • oh wait, I’ve answered my own question re the two front entrances on the Lincoln Road house. Drs office entrance added in 1937.

    Nos. 140 and 146 are similar brick and stucco neo-Tudor houses with crossedgable
    roofs. Altough they were constructed five years apart, No. 140 in 1916 and
    No. 146 in 1911, they are almost identical except for variations in decorative
    detail. Both houses exhibit large frontal gables ornamented with half-timbering
    that at No. 140 is the more elaborate with a curved crossed-brace pattern
    running along its base. Each second-floor facade is articulated by a flat,
    slightly projecting rectangular bay containing pairs of decorative leaded-glass
    windows (at No. 146 the leaded glass appears only in the transoms). The groundfloor
    entrances are sheltered by projecting pedimented porches carried on square
    piers. Both houses have recessed entrances set to the left of central, threesided
    angular bays. To the right of each projecting porch is a large, multipaned
    rectangular window. No. 146 remains intact. No. 140 was altered in 1937
    to provide a second entrance for two doctors’ offices. This second entrance
    was placed in the central panel of the three-sided angular bay.

  • “I feel like I’d walk out that kitchen door and into New Jersey!” (Park Sloper)

    New Jersey. Horrors.

  • No such thing as fringe M4l! its all in your head. the voices in the fringe of your mind. no, mopar, i think the clinton hill house is the whole house.

  • Whoever buys the Bay Ridge House will be neighbors with the owners of the Ginger Bread house, it’s right around the corner from there. I wonder if that place ever sold.

  • Does anyone know what the Warren Street kitchen cabinets are made out of? Those things look beaut-i-ful.

  • That Lincoln Road house is awesome. What a floorplan! One moves from great space to great space. The block looks pretty nice.

  • Went to the Lincoln Rd house this weekend. The fireplace in the dining room is worth the trip. Huge with amazing heavy copper details on it. House has a great layout. Tons of storage, laundry right off the kitchen. Great parlor floor office with its own bathroom and set of stairs to 2nd floor. Very comfortably and conveniently livable place. The views out its numerous, large back windows look out onto the backs of what are the two most grand and attractive freestanding houses in Lefferts Manor: two mansions with huge side-yards on Maple Street. The next-door neighbor’s backyard is well kept too. As I was looking out at all that I thought, I could be in Westchester right now. Seriously. The gorgeous peaceful views out the back more than do enough to counter the apt buildings across the street in front. This house’s own backyard is big and grassy with a long row of windows in the kitchen looking over it which is perfect for parties and for keeping an eye on the kids. It’s a house for people who love cookouts. The kitchen and bathrooms are clean and in good condition but certainly not done to urban sophisticated NYC tastes. However, somebody could easily tweak smaller details like hardware and light fixtures, replace bathroom vanities and paint walls more modern colors and it would look much better without a major re-do, especially with more sophisticated accessories and furniture. I don’t think the 2nd floor’s one and only bathroom was well-conceived. It’s huge and could have accommodated two medium size bathrooms instead and that’s what’s needed.