DOT Reveals Two-Phase Plan for Flushing

At the monthly meeting of the Community Board 2 Transportation Committee last night, the Department of Transportation unveiled its revised plan for the portion of Flushing Avenue that runs along the Brooklyn Navy Yard; the agency’s original plan, which had included converting Flushing to a one-way street, was met by resistance from many business owners within the Navy Yard. The revised plan maintains two-way vehicular traffic while adding in two-way bicycle lanes. Because the ultimate plan is more complicated and expensive than originally contemplated, though, it will be implemented in two phases. Here’s the set-up for Phase 1: East of Washington Avenue, there will be a single two-way bike lane running along the north side of the avenue; west of Washington, there will be two separate bike lanes running on either side of the avenue. Council Member Letitia James’ office and the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corp. both spoke in favor of the new plan. As part of the presentation, DOT also discussed plans for extending the bike lanes that already exist on the Prospect Heights side of Vanderbilt Avenue across Atlantic and all the way down to Flushing.
Flushing Will Run Two-Ways For Cars and Bikes [NY Times]
CB2 Committee Approves Plan for Flushing Bikeway [Streets Blog]

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  • Someone said that DIBS and Zinko were quoted (from comments here) on Pix 11 news… about… BICYCLES! I’m sure they were some of the most balanced of commentary. :-)

  • Where is that quote, tybur6???

  • What is the cost of all these new bicycle lanes???

    Wouldn’t the money be better spent currently in not reducing the size of the FDNY or the NYPD??? At least until the economy (and tax revenues) turn around????

  • LOL…it really IS there!!!!

    Click on the video for “Bridge Makeover” at the bottom of the page….

    Turns out they picked my really tongue-in-cheek comment to air!!!!

  • ick, it looks like any generic mid-sized midwestern city.


  • HA that’s awesome dibs. i love pix news, i watch it every morning before work!!!


  • No Rob — it looks like a healthy Urban Environment.

  • This has long since gotten ridiculous. As far as I’m concerned, every lane is a bike lane. And also a car, taxi, and truck lane. There’s no reason all these vehicles can’t share, just like we’ve always done.

  • Sparafucile… what about pedestrians? It’s silly to have sidewalks too.

  • ” There’s no reason all these vehicles can’t share, just like we’ve always done.”

    yeah – i agree normally, there’s alot of unnecessary bike lanes that have been installed. i’d trade them all for this flushing bike lane. flushing is an absolute nightmare and all of my near death experiences have pretty much occured on this street. most cars go at least double the speed limit, as well as double park.

  • By the way, I love the “Goddammit, that’s the way we’ve always done it!” arguments… We used to use wooden planks for roads. Probably shouldn’t have changed that either. It was working just fine! (Right?)

  • quote:
    No Rob — it looks like a healthy Urban Environment.

    it also looks as gay as the day is long. what exactly is your point?


  • actually, i don’t think they’d need the bike lane if they installed speed bumps and ticketed people who are double parked.

  • Clearly in the WPIX video, the bikes SHOULD NOT be on the sidewalks.

  • “it also looks as gay as the day is long. what exactly is your point?”

    what does painted concrete have to do with gay sex?

  • Maybe because pedestrians aren’t vehicles? Cars, buses, and bicycles are.

    This is an expensive and space-wasting solution to a non-existent problem.

  • This isn’t just a bike lane. It’s a key segment of the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway, a continuous 14-mile bike path. That will provide recreational amenities for everybody, not just cyclists.

  • Sparfucile — You don’t see a difference between a bicycle and a bus or car?!

    Why are pedestrians different than a car? Would most of those differences also apply to the difference between a bicycle and a car?

  • *Rob* — My point is that a healthy Urban Environment has these amenities. You sound like The What when you suggest NYC shouldn’t have these types of things (not just bike lanes). NYC has to be harder and grittier and life has to be more difficult… why take advantage of the scale of a city?

  • quote:
    what does painted concrete have to do with gay sex?

    oh you’d be surprised..


  • This is part of the new Greenway for Brooklyn.

  • I wish that the City would stop wasting my money. First they screw up Kent with all of the ugly lines and crazy parking pattern. Kent used to be a pleasure and mostly empty.

    Flushing is the same. There is barely ANY traffic or bicycles on it. They are wasting money on a solution with no problem. Flushing is just fine the way it is.

    I have been driving these streets for years. The City Uglification Program should be ended. Leave the streets alone.

    Personally, I think that the AG should look into who’s uncle got the line painting contract. Bloomberg and Sadik Khan love lines, esthetics be damned, reality be damned.

  • Cities are for more than just driving through. The large majority of local residents don’t have cars — so why should we devote 80% of our street space to cars? Projects like these are a small step in the right direction of balanced transportation.

  • you forget there are trucks and buses too. Fire engines, police cars. It is not all about regular cars.

  • tyburg, my reasoning is that i feel this city only caters to three groups of people: the marshmellows, the project dwellers, and the uber wealthy. that does not a city make, in my mind anyway. plus urban blight is sexy.


  • “marshmellows?”

    hipsters – they’re soft and white.

  • Who is making money on these deals?!?!?

    So, will that be a total of 4 times flushing avenue has been ripped up and repaved in a single decade??!!

    A couple of weeks ago when they were planting new trees on the north side of flushing avenue, I knew a plan would come out soon to rip them out!!!

    Good scams going on in construction in this city.

  • Encouraging bicycling as a viable form of transportation is simply encouraging an alternative that has much less negative externalities and actually some positive ones.

    Economics 101.

    Less – pollution, congestion, foreign policy problems, accidents involving two-tons of steel & glass moving at high speeds, infrastructure. More – exercise, better health.

  • “I wish that the City would stop wasting my money. First they screw up Kent with all of the ugly lines and crazy parking pattern. Kent used to be a pleasure and mostly empty.”

    Can’t blame Kent Ave on the city. Kent Ave was fine the way it was – they had to change it to the way it is not because the hasidic community threw a fit about losing parking.

    Kent is still mostly empty – Wythe is a bitch now tho.

  • “31 DOT Reveals Two-Phase Plan for Flushing” –
    phase 1: depress lever
    phase 2: release lever
    I’ve been doing it for years.

  • what next? kayak lanes to and from Staten Island?
    To me, and I suspect to the vast majority of grown-up New Yorkers, a kayak is about as reasonable an alternative form of transportation as a bicycle.

  • “what next? kayak lanes to and from Staten Island?”

    great idea, you’re starting to get it!!

  • The police actually *enforce* traffic in the harbor… just sayin’

  • Minard, we’re not riding penny farthings like back in your childhood

  • I <3 Minard Lafever.