Ellis Restaurant and Bar Has Closed

On the morning of February 28th, workers at Ellis Restaurant and Bar in South Slope Brooklyn found out they no longer had jobs via giant pad lock on the doors. (New blog Greenwood Frame confirms the suddenness of the move.) After months of unpaid rent and disputes with the landlord, Ellis Restaurant and Bar is no longer in business. The place was open just shy of two years. It never quite found it’s footing in South Slope, feeling more like it belonged somewhere on the Upper West Side. The opening of the bar South next door a few months back, with its more relaxed jukebox and free popcorn environment, seemed to also deal a blow to Ellis. The space Ellis is leaving behind is enormous; it will be interesting to see if a food or beverage establishment can survive in it. GMAP

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  • The bar “South” did not deal a blow to Ellis. They had completely different clientele. I saw the signs up in the window yesterday about Ellis being closed, but was too sleepy/lazy to go get my camera and take a pic for you Mr. B. (sorry) This is sad as CobbleSnaps would likely have planned another PLUSA karaoke night here, but good for me in that I’ll no longer have to listen to the drunken nonsense that went on around 3-4am and call the po-po every time a fight broke out in the street. (side note…911 isnt’ too quick to respond even after you inform them that 8 people are beating the living sh!t out of one man in the middle of the street.) Ah, good times.

  • Oh, and it has been rumored (for like 3 years now) that a hoity-toidy steak house was supposed to open up in the remaining space left by the former Aaron’s clothing store. We’ve been waiting with our bibs and steak knives in hand, but nothing goes on in that space except the storage of salt and shovels for the guy who does our sidewalks (and his furniture while he waited to move!).

  • I just checked out the greenwood frame blog. An introductory post in January and this one. Either the blogger just finished an unexpected two-month temp job or this is one laid back blog.

  • Slopefarm- moderator of ‘the frame’ here- Thanks for checking it out. Really just launching this week — we’ll be pretty laid back, but from this week on, we’ll be posting pretty regularly- enjoy

  • no doubt it failed due to the inapposite typeface

  • Good luck with the blog, gwg. We’re slightly north of the PE, but we own a frame and have been venturing south more and more. Had a great experience with the CSA last year and we are doing it again.

  • Sorry to see it go as we saw it open, but I don’t think it ever knew what it wanted to be. It was big enuf to do a lively food biz, but the food wasn’t all that good. It never figured out if it wanted to be a bar with some food on the side, or a restaurant with a bar.

  • Only redeeming quality I found with Ellis is that the female bartender can make a seriously delicious bloody mary. Otherwise, good riddance.

  • typeface kept me out of there too.

  • honestly, action, your comment is a snore.

  • Maybe maybe maybe something of quality will occupy this space. I keep hoping. All we seem to get are more coffee shops, which hardly make up for the moldy smelling supermarkets, tacky delis and a plethora of undesirable venues. I cannot figure out why these blocks don’t attract some of the decent vendors and services like the ones that exist on Cortelyou Road. I think the critical mass is there, but instead, this is a neighborhood that is a place to leave rather than stay when you want to go out.

  • I don;t know about that, BS, Especially compared to CR. We have Lot2, Fonda, Ten, the Paris bistro on PPW, what’s that other restaurant down 5th a bit? Also Sidecar. No, it ain’t PS, but it ain’t bad. Agree we have too many bars and coffee shops tho (probably cuz I don’t really go to either :-) )

  • “which hardly make up for the moldy smelling supermarkets, tacky delis and a plethora of undesirable venues.”

    This place has a grandfathered liquor license – too valuable to waste it selling soy milk and organic quinoa.

    Ellis was fine. It was a bar bar. You’ll all be missing places like it in a year when every new spot in your neighborhood sells 12 dollar cocktails and has a bartender dressed like a 1920s paperboy.

  • DH – I have less than no interest in quinoa or soy milk — yuck. I am just hoping for something better than the places that already exist. How about a great diner, or a really good ethnic restaurant? Then they could hold on to that valuable liquor license and hopefully last longer than 2 years, like Ellis and South’s predecessor, Vin Rouge. Vin Rouge was always empty and Ellis was practically giving drinks away to rope in customers and they still couldn’t, so obviously, something was seriously wrong with their business plans.