Streetlevel: Italian Joint Expanding in Williamsburg

As noted last week on the New York Shitty blog, Carmine’s II, a new Italian pizza restaurant, looks set to open soon in Greenpoint at 436 Union Avenue. There’s already a Carmine’s Pizzeria on Graham Ave, but we’re unsure if Carmine’s II means the places are related, or the owners of this new spot were too uninspired to come up with an original name.
Coming to Union Avenue: Carmine’s II [New York Shitty] GMAP

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  • seriously? greenpoint?

    that location is not greenpoint, not by a long shot.

    for a blog that describes itself as “brooklyn inside and out” i would think you could at least get the general neighborhoods correct.

    anyway, it is related to the carmines on graham avenue.

  • I actually think you can assume that its a 2nd branch of Carmines. That’s what I’m doing.

    Calling a place “NAME OF BUSINESS” II while not actually being related to the original business seems like a straightforward example of “Confusingly Similar” and something one could easily be sued over.