BREAKING: Car on Fire on Brooklyn Bridge

A few moments ago a car on the Manhattan-bound, Brooklyn-side of the Brooklyn Bridge caught on fire. Dramatic smoke. Multiple fire engines on the scene. Fire appears to be out now. Update: Great set of photos here. And another one here.

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  • I was there, in my car, about to go on the bridge. I took some photos and posted them online:

  • Who the f*ck’s car catches on fire? I would love to see an investigation on how well the car had been maintained, and whether it had been inspected properly. I can only imagine…

  • Damm rubberneckers not minding their own business! How long does it take for a tow truck to get this piece of …. off the road? Everytime their is an accident it is always a movie production in the making. Can we get a move on it and clear the highway. Here between the slow accident clear up and the never ending construction on the BQE you are better off leaving your car in traffic and walking to work.

  • That’s what they get for trying to drive to Manhattan.

  • crunchy, cars catch on fire for all sorts of reasons, from squirrel nests on the engine to loose hoses to failure of the electrical system to damage from an accident. While I’m sure the poor schmuck whose car was just totaled/day ruined appreciates you thinking they’re an idiot, it isn’t a terribly logical conclusion.

    and hannible- from one of the photo links, it looks like the fire was quenched almost immediately, and if you think moving a recently-on-fire molten muddle of gasoline and metal is simple, I’m sure they’d be willing to put you on speed dial.

    though i agree with DIBs. (as if driving to manhattan under normal conditions weren’t its own punishment…)

  • That is why they use water bfarwell! And last I checked firefighters don’t push cars that have just been on fire with their bare hands. That is why we have tow trucks.