Streetlevel: Secret Restaurant Behind Loki Lounge

The Brooklynian boards are buzzing about this new restaurant hidden behind Loki Lounge. The entrance is on 2nd Street, through a courtyard behind the bar. They’re still in the soft-opening stage, and the owners at Loki aren’t ready to divulge the official name of the place, but somebody spotted a menu posted outside and its working title seems to be Benchmark. Brooklynian Zebra, who dined there over the weekend, writes, “I had a very nice ribeye steak, a salad with goat cheese, truffle oil & yuca, and some remarkably good spaetzle as a side…. The place reminds me of the late Tempo more than anything… a little New American, a little Italian, a little Austrian.” Has anybody else checked it out? GMAP

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  • looks to me very nervy of owners to have this courtyard/bar in alley next to apartment building. And now a restuarant in rear. Am sure people on 2nd street are thrilled.

  • Loki has a patio in warmer weather so it’s not a new feature to have foot traffic/voices there.

    Frankly, to me Loki is the poor man’s High Dive.

  • yes, I would hate to be the tennants in the building next door.

  • I see a future Brownstoner thread in the making: “Eggs thrown from 2nd St. building onto Loki patio”.

  • THIS is an appropriate location for a “speakeasy.”

  • actually id be more worried about dirty diapers being thrown out the windows of that builing into the alleyway more.


  • > Am sure people on 2nd street are thrilled.

    The perhaps moving to a building directly adjacent to the commercial strip was a bad choice, no?

  • LOL, Benson, but at least the restaurant patrons will have access to some eggs to fire back, if necessary. ALthough, come to think of it, the Terrapin/Novo dog run people have some ammo, too. One good slingshot should put the egg man out of business.

    This is the place I was telling you all about when we were at Loki on Sat. Haven’t eaten there, yet. A bit pricey to be a guinea pig — I would definitely wait for reviews. But they did a nice job on the inside.

    And yes, the menus and a big object on the wall say Benchmark, so I don’t know why the owners would be coy about that. The wall is decorated with antique workshop tools found in the carriage house.

  • actually maybe not, it looks more like a small apt building? hard to tell from the picture, but big apartment buildings always have the occassional weirdo throwing funky things out the window.


  • Slopey, I thought you must have mentioned this place to Mister B, as you had only just pointed it out to us on Saturday.

    I still think this and/or Loki Lounge would make a great Brownie gathering spot.

  • “The perhaps moving to a building directly adjacent to the commercial strip was a bad choice, no?” – there was a time not so long ago when who would have even thought that these businesses would find it appropriate to take over the outdoor space and seat customers there. That was a time when believed in keeping their business and noise indoors.

  • Great spot.

    New yorkers love hidden stuff.

  • this restaurant has been in the works for 4 or 5 years. nice to see it actually up and running. would love to hear some more reviews. we miss tempo and would love to have a comparable place in the area.

    the building next to this is a 4 story row-house. it’s rent stabilized rentals. not sure how many apartments in the building.

  • there is more likely to be complaints from the restaurant customers about noise from the rs apts than vice-versa.

  • Sorry if I knew there was going to be interest I would have broke the story here. (I started the brooklyian thread and reported the name over there)

    As for the apartment building, the loki garden has been in that alley for t yes so I don’t think this impacts them any worse than before.

  • How about PLUSA meetup at this place? That way you can really comment on the place?