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  • The Vanderbilt St. floorplan…where are the doors? Very odd 1st floor layout.

  • 412 7th Street, Park Slope

    Awaye Realty = FSBO prolly

  • I thought the same thing Cargar!

    That Vanderbilt St. one…wasn’t that in the forum here last week? Or am I imagining that?

  • Don’t recall Snapper. But I like the way the pics work on the website. And dark-stained floors are my new favorites.

  • Um, that Caton Avenue house was listed for $635,000 not two months ago.

  • Snappy, the owner did those plans himself. He was in the forum asking how to market the house and posted the link.
    Give him some credit for providing plans. Some high powered commission making realtors don’t don’t even have floor plans of their listings, let alone not blurry pics.

    Kudos to you, Vanderbilt Street Owner. I wish you luck.

  • “Um, that Caton Avenue house was listed for $635,000 not two months ago.”

    Haven’t you heard. Banks are giving out bonuses.

  • these prices don’t seem too out of whack for a change. The Park Slope building is an income-producing property so that price should be a direct result of the rent rolls. Easy enough to check.

  • I totally appreciate an effort to put up a floor plan, but I wanna see where the doors and closets are!

  • Slopette, I think it was a different one listed for 635K.

  • Where’s the floor plan for the Caton Ave. house? When you click on ‘view all photos,” the next page says “Photos and Floor Plan,” but no floor plan. Plus only three interior pictures.


  • good luck Vanderbilt…wish all listing were as informative

  • I saw the Crown Heights house. They’ve only had an Open House for it EVERY weekend. It needs a ton of work! Cosmetically and I’m assuming mech/elec/plumbing upgrades are also needed.

    If it didn’t have the SRO issue, we might have seriously considered it.
    Plus, I didn’t love the Door/Window Frame casings on the upper floors.

  • “Finished Basement: green muff said”

  • “Snappy, the owner did those plans himself. He was in the forum asking how to market the house and posted the link.”

    Impressive. I like his listing/website better than most brokers’ listings.

  • Yes, CGar. That’s why I’ll forgive the owner for the floor plans (and lack of doors/windows). It’s not easy for the average person to draw floor plans, believe me I know ;-).
    At least he’s provided something to look at. He’s even included dimensions of rooms. And I’ll believe his dimensions before I believe a realtor’s.

  • If it was a different Caton Ave house, then the Times has it wrong: http://realestate.nytimes.com/sales/detail/253-NS91114259/311-Caton-Ave-Brooklyn-NY-11218

    But I’m pretty sure it’s the same one, because I remember that lime green living room. Looks like the dining room of an Irish/Greek fusion restaurant.

  • As what looks to be an unrenovated house almost three blocks off the park, the ps house is way overpriced. We don’t know what the rents are, but it doesn’t matter – we pretty much know the range for a decent sized unrenovated center slope floor through and at this price it’s basically 20x expected rent roll for these, unless you put more money into the property. They describe it as a “mansion” but this house was built as a four – it’s perfectly nice, don’t get me wrong, but it was not ever a private house, so while the floors are a little deeper, the original construction and detail is a trade off. If this house is worth close to the asking, then those park block houses are worth 35. where is that widget anyway? 😉

  • We visited the Caton Ave house months ago. It could be a cute house but let’s just say the photos of the interior are very flattering and there’s a reason they don’t have photos of the 2nd floor and bedrooms.

  • The Caton Ave house’s price was raised 21.10% on Nov 27, 2009.

  • My lord, that Park Slope house seems way overpriced. It looks to be in quite shocking condition.

  • My bad, it’s the same one. This listing IS very flattering.

  • can’t blame owners for trying 1 more time to see if they can fish a buyer (who might be getting some big bonus) willing to pay the high prices.

  • I am with cojones de hierra.

  • The Vanderbilt house is utterly devoid of details, and for 75k less you could have the Caton St. house, which, while probably in need of work, is in a better location on a nicer street with lots of deets. I know which one I’d want.

  • Why would someone raise the price 21%? As for Vanderbilt vs. Caton, I’d go with Vanderbilt. Caton Street is a truck route, though it should not be. I’m willing to pay 75k more for fresher air and quiet.

  • Agree with househunt–Caton Ave. is EXTREMELY loud. Vanderbilt is EXTREMELY quiet.

    I live in the are, and am planning to visit both OH’s tomorrow. Will post my thoughts (in case any of you wish to wait on the edge of your seats).

  • I am waiting . .. . more in the middle of my seat than the edge, but still.

  • Sorry in advance for the lengthy post, but here we go:

    I visited both OH’s yesterday. Caton had a lot of visitors while I was there; I was the only one at Vanderbilt. Note to Vanderbilt FSBO, a sign or balloons or something would help at your OH. I wasn’t sure I had the street number correct, and there was no indication from the street that an open house was happening.

    Here is my take~

    Caton Ave positives

    Dedicated parking space (though parking is not much of a problem in this area, so it’s not as special as a parking space in the Slope, for example)
    Original parquet floors
    A bit closer to, well, everything, including the subway (3 minutes) and the park (8 minutes), than Vanderbilt
    Some details remain, in addition to the floors

    Caton Ave negatives

    It’s on Caton Avenue, which is extremely busy and loud; tons of truck traffic (not just local trucks, but 18-wheelers)
    No back yard
    Not updated at all
    One bathroom
    Very small rooms
    It’s been on the market for 6 months, so there could be underlying problems with the property or maybe the seller? Or maybe just the price….
    The basement is jam packed with junk, which makes it difficult to gauge the condition of the room; potential water issues, etc

    Vanderbilt positives

    It’s on Vanderbilt, which is very quiet, but only one building away from McDonald Avenue (see negatives, below)
    Reasonably close to the subway (6 minutes) and park (12 minutes)
    Partially renovated, and I would describe it as move-in ready. However, not really much style & no details remain…. And, not everything is renovated (see negatives, below)
    2 bathrooms and 4 real bedrooms
    Versatile layout, which I think is a positive, though some would consider negative
    Finished basement
    Much more room overall than Caton

    Vanderbilt negatives

    Just off McDonald Avenue, which is extremely busy, and has the same sort of traffic I describe as a negative for Caton Ave.
    Lacks a back yard, just a very small patch of grass, which looks out on to the driveway of the neighboring building
    Bathrooms are not renovated
    No parking (again, though, street parking is really easy in the area)

    Overall, I would say that Vanderbilt is a better deal at $849,000 than Caton is at $769,000. Even considering that Caton has been on the market almost 6 months, so owner likely to take less, if I were in the market for a one-family townhouse in this area, I would buy Vanderbilt, hands down.

  • Thank you for the OH comp–well done and informative!

  • Thank you for the OH comp–well done and informative!